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  1. As of Christmas 2019, The Axis Accord has begun a merger with its long time ally, The United Armies. We're looking forward to this new chapter!
  2. After learning from our original post back in early July, The Axis Accord (or what remains of it) accepts defeat and has withdrawn from Global War 14 after speaking with Adrienne and Buorhann. We hereby agree to the following terms: 1. The Axis Accord shall not reenter or aid the war under any circumstances. 2. The Axis Accord will be sending peace to all ongoing wars.
  3. Not a very forgiving bunch huh We never knew this was protocol and we were told otherwise in the moment. Trying to work it out now
  4. Official TAA Announcement After fighting a long bloody battle, I am here to announce The Axis Accord's withdrawal from Global War 14. We would like to thank our allies who have supported our efforts in the war, and helping a new alliance such as ourselves navigate the waters of war. We wish our brothers and sisters the utmost best, and thank our opponents for the fair fight. We hereby agree to the following terms: 1. The Axis Accord shall not reenter or aid the war under any circumstances. 2. The Axis Accord will be sending peace to all ongoing wars. Signed, Rubes (President) EnragedSpoon (Vice President)
  5. Rubes

    Space Race

    Not stealing anything. Im aware this isn't an original idea, I'm simply condensing what I've read into a reply to make it a bit easier to read. I take no credit for anything here
  6. Rubes

    Space Race

    After reading all of these replies, here is a simplified way that I could see it working: Make it a bit more special than a project, I say add a tab under Baseball titled 'Space Exploration' or something. Once you click on it, you're faced with this: 1. In order to get started with space, you must build a research facility. $100,000,000 + 10,000 steel + 5,000 aluminum + 2,000 gasoline (etc. this will also help stimulate the economy with prices dropping day by day). 2. Once you've unlocked the space center, you now must spend money and resources on building a rocket. (If you want to play off of the baseball mechanic, you could upgrade your facility and be assigned researchers that you can pay to upgrade. An upgraded facility can lower the initial investment cost of rockets and higher skilled researchers will increase the rockets chance of success) 3. Once you have a rocket that works, you can do some of the following; - Launch a military satellite Nukes now require 10 MAP's to fire, 30% resistance to spies, +30% increase in personal spy effectiveness, (and more, these are all just suggestions) - Launch an asteroid mining device - Now you can mine from asteroids! Expand from cities but watch out for missiles(?) - Start building a Space Station - Cool in theory, can't think of any details - Colonize the moon / mars! - Build cities on the moon and possibly open up to new resources? Maybe each nation that makes it to the moon or mars can unlock a second nation? Like a sub nation linked to their original profile. New resources, new market, new alliances. All in all, I feel this has a lot of potential to hook old players and bring in new members. Offers a something for everyone style, almost like a massive DLC. Old players will have something new to invest time and money into as well. Stimulates the in game economy New opportunities for VIP perks.
  7. So I was browsing around the game suggestions forum looking to see what people have suggested over the years, and one thing from 2014 really stood out to me. Originally posted by @Malal was the suggestion for Space Race style projects; With the game being focused on growing your nation and primarily military oriented goals, I think implementing a space race type expansion would be expensive yet a new peaceful goal. It can give players another route to take and save for, especially after completing a lot of military related projects. Since 2014, the world's interest in space, mars, SpaceX, etc., has grown immensely and I could foresee that spilling over into P&W. This could all be accompanied by new awards such as first to make it to space, etc. Similar to the baseball team, once you build a hypothetical facility, a new tab could be unlocked. The more money you invest in R&D could equal a higher success rate of making it to space. Alliances / nations could work together on building a space station. Link to original comment:
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