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  1. Phino

    Open Season

    Let it be known that the freebooting pirate anarchy of Arrgh sails the seven seas. Our thirst for glory and plunder be as fierce as our thirst for rum, that be fierce indeed - Ogaden
  2. you don't need help & friends......all you need is soldiers, tanks and aircraft !!!
  3. Don't forget to sign treaties with TKR and Co. after this war !!
  4. My name's Blurryface and I care what you think
  5. Missile is not the weapon that can win you a war is true. Missile and nuke are just retaliation weapon when all off your conventional military units is destroyed by the enemies. So why waste MAP doing nothing since fortify is a big joke. Dev always change war mechanic due to player complain or to add more dynamic in war mechanic and some of the changes has indirectly Nerf missile and nuke efficiency. Maybe ...just maybe dev will look back and do something about the missile so it can be less worthless in higher tier or in war mechanic.
  6. stats ..... where is the war stats? you can't win a war without war stats!!!
  7. "this player has won this game"
  8. well....nobody like to be dogpiled by various alliances and of course there are not enough brave leaders in this game that want to do something about it. We can't tell people how to play this game...if they like to burn pixel only once a year ..so be it
  9. paperless .... paperless is always the best option !!
  10. https://prnt.sc/jm5ubw Alex, can you explain to me how offline player can declared a war. Thank you.
  11. So the pantheon members whose pro merging is already joined tCW, ..and the other pantheon members don't want to merge stayed at pantheon... win-win situation? so what the issue here?
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