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  1. lol... ...so I'm the child when you're the one who curses and yells, and then downvotes while confusing in-game reputation with out-of-game disagreement? Give me a break.
  2. If Alex cares about making money, then he should care about the ratings he gets for his game which includes a rating where someone explicitly acknowledged in advance a negative connection between himself and my opposition in this thread. Failing to oppose my opposition will continue to impact the revenue stream of his venture. As for growing up, it's you who needs to because you clearly don't get the difference between whining versus self-defense. If anyone's whining, it's you for not even trying to address the original argument about how reputation is weighted while ignoring the point about third parties who observe reputation. It's not about whether I like it or not. It's about how it's a score which impacts how players interact in the game. On the side, Youtube doesn't care because it's a monopoly. PnW is not a monopoly. The same standards on ratings don't apply. Ratings have a serious impact on non-monopolies when people consider whether or not to use them based on peer-to-peer review since there are better competitors out there. Put plainly, if Alex wants to make his game more competitive, then he needs to act against my opposition.
  3. Connections are figured out by analyzing what happens before something else. That comment was made before this whole discussion and game intrigue took place. You could argue that's insufficient to determine causality, but then you'd have to acknowledge how pretty much everything my opposition has said in this thread doesn't make sense since it's jumped to conclusions based on partial correlations just as much.
  4. Ordinarily, you'd be correct... ...but in this situation you're not. The timing of the comment happened in advance of anything going on here.
  5. If you want to prove your point, go ahead. All I know is someone else who I have no connection with gave PnW the worst rating imaginable, and acknowledged a negative connection between my opposition and Alex.
  6. I'm fairly certain that comment gave a 1 out of 5 star rating and directly made negative reference connecting Alex to my opposition in this thread. I've never even used the mobile app either, so what you're saying doesn't apply.
  7. I never said Alex is a pet dog of akuryo. The point is a neutral observer has acknowledged that point. Alex should take that into consideration in realizing why his game is getting bad ratings.
  8. Just because you say it's relevant doesn't make it so. Lying like that makes you the actual child.
  9. If reputation does nothing, then you should eliminate it from the game since it's a distraction. Whether you like it or not isn't the point either. The point is how third parties observe it when figuring out who to associate with. After skimming reviews for PnW as well (which has a rating of less than 3.5 btw on Googleplay and suggests you need to seriously fix this game), I should point out that there's considerable reason to believe you're biased towards those opposing me in this thread as well. Someone made the following comment before any of this started: It's pretty clear here. Either take action against my opponents, or you've confessed to being corrupt and incompetent.
  10. I did read your post. The problem is while this game is about IC politics, that does not mean people should be allowed to make OOC personal attacks. A report was made, and you did nothing about it. What does that have anything to do with this thread?
  11. I never said people were the same as me. I just said people understand how reputation can be ruined. In reality, people have an interest to look beneath the surface to find out the truth. If you were on a group interview, and told the interviewer how you're better than your peer because your peer has a bad reputation in an online game, the interviewer would think you're crazy and have to hold back from laughing.
  12. No they don't. People in real life understand how games can involve harassment by jerks, and how childish, juvenile, and immature punks with attitude problems can make genuine people look bad. If you judge someone by a bad reputation in a game, you're can miss out on recruiting good talent.
  13. I know what he meant. I'm saying it won't carry over because the rules of our gameworld do not define how the real world functions. People don't care if you can become popular in a controlled environment when it comes to what's out of control.
  14. If anything's foolhardy, it's believing your anonymous participation in an online game has a real life impact on how people interact with you. Your character's reputation is not your actual reputation. Real people don't care if you're popular in a gameworld. If you don't believe me, try using your reputation here on a professional resume and see if it manages to get you hired.
  15. This isn't about my rules. This is about realizing how rules apply to games. The rules of a game aren't the same as real life. Failing to get that suggests you confuse fantasy with reality as if you're deluded.
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