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  1. Alex's twitter

    If Roz's post had a problem, it wasn't from being sexist. It was from being superficial... ...but superficiality rules the forum from the abundance of memes posted on a regular basis. Put plainly, if you think his post was immature, there are far more immature posts on the forum. He really didn't deserve to be punished that way, and I say this as someone who appreciates gentlemanly grace when it comes to dealing with women. If anything, the real issue with feminism is embracing objectification to deconstruct morals, ethics, and standards in society while encouraging promiscuity.
  2. Meh

    Right back at you. :-P
  3. The only people getting triggered are the traps implicitly called out. Calling that virginity is rather pathetic too. As for ships getting called her and she, a bit of research on naval tradition would do you good.
  4. Ayyslamic Crusade is still the best one around. Everything else sounds generic.
  5. I would prefer something that doesn't suggest the majority of players are female since they're not. Has PnW gone full drag queen?
  6. The Great Cherry Pop makes this game sound like it's played by a bunch of traps. Even I'll take Ayyslamic Crusade before that.
  7. The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

    Wtf does communism even exist in this game? Last I checked, there is no proletariat in your cities' populations. Ethnic groups don't exist either... ...and the whole point of the game is imperialism. Seems pretty derp overall, especially since a revolution would mean players deleting their nations to bring peace to the pixels.
  8. Meh

    On the side, Tiberius, I once wanted to see Guardian, Coalition, Lordearon, Polaris, RW, Acadia, Cerberus, and the Fed merge into a new mega alliance that would cover all score ranges. The motifs there were I was in Fed at the time, and Cerberus was its rival. If they could come together, it would lead by example. Roz and I had a decent sense of camaraderie on the forum, and he had a connection with Acadia. Lord wanted to create a third sphere, and Guardian and Coalition wanted to insist they were independent from tS/TKR command... ...and Polaris could use all the help it could get to git gud. People are just too stuck in their ways to make moves though.
  9. Meh

    Eh I only have $15m in cash in safekeeping. That's not much to help another brother out. If you need help though, let me know. Once I adjust my city layout, I'll have plenty of resources to pitch in. Yea, I took a break during the holidays to enjoy myself after the TTO war, and I didn't see myself in the primary score bracket, so I didn't fully militarize while still pumping up my WC. That said, I got ganged up against in the first wave of counters when I had no wingmen. I'd love to, but the game is so ingrained in oldtimers sticking together that it's hopeless. Nobody cares to engage in realignment or client state proxy wars. I mean I think I've made it clear in so many posts that I'm not really a fan of either side The only reason I fought IQ was because I was in RW. If RW went with IQ, I would have fought its opponents instead. Heck, I originally joined HBE when I joined the game, and left to join Arrgh after since conflict is so stagnant here. After that, I joined the Fed where most of its members merged in Lord. _________________________ In any case, I joined this game to recruit people to play another game, RenaissanceKingdoms. My original intent wasn't to excel here, so whatever. Heck, I met some milf on Twitter who I hooked up with within 2 months of being active there and getting to know her for 2 months, and she plays RK now. To boot, there's some oldtimer in RK who's become our third who's around my age IRL, so I'm far more invested in playing RK than I am in playing PnW... ...not to mention I've played RK for five years now, so I'm far more invested in that game than this one.
  10. Meh

    Well this sucks. 6 month NAP plus 350 day old nation puts me over 500 days old. I've really no interest in playing past 500 days, especially after reaching my city and infra goals for playing this game since it takes forever to build up. PnW really is politics and snore. Time to move onto better things.
  11. Removing Beige or Severely Nerfing It

    Simple solution: If you're beiged, you lose a city. If you beige someone, you gain a city. That's not hard to figure out.
  12. Ultra Instinct NPO

    It was a Concordat, not an Axis! :-P
  13. Ultra Instinct NPO

    I have better things to worship than memes. If you don't understand that, then you're truly hopeless in always wandering in the dark.
  14. Ultra Instinct NPO

    I mean it's getting to the point where I have to start wondering if Mensa's really a bunch of lunatics who belong in an asylum who wanna be geniuses while IQ has an IQ of zero. I mean do you really do this just for the memes? You make all that effort at creating artwork just for some silly number in the bottomrighthand corner of a post? I thought that was bad enough on social media, but in a fake game of fake politics... jeez.
  15. Ultra Instinct NPO

    Yall a bunch of tryhards. Just play Civ already. You can have a 30 city nation in 6 hours in the time it takes you to make one here in 3 years. Srsly, wtf?