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  1. Ok , that is quite the peace deal and a new Weimar republic has been born.
  2. The more loot , the better , a few of us of just wanna take our take while growing.
  3. We would add a option for the player to select the rankings they may need interested in and they get messages from them. Like: The top 50 for example then messages come from them only. Not sure how this will work out tho so any suggestion is a welcome one. We got to make the game more welcoming to those that don't want to feel overwhelmed but just want to the play the game , make friends and have fun,
  4. Why state this when you are not active in the game?
  5. We should make people want to join alliances and play a bit more without making them feel forced to play all the time like play now or get raided. So there will always be pro and cons to idea's so it is great that you are hearing the active community out before making changes.
  6. Should have figured as much , thank you. Made some changes so my intention is done, I guess.
  7. Sorry guys , just learning about the forum , should I edit more?
  8. Sorry , I like jumping in and out so like to get things over with
  9. I hope , everyone is doing well lol.
  10. Pravda Academy is an alliance for welcoming those who have no where to go.. Note" We are not merging or disbanding but every member has the right to pick their own path." Pravda academy is made for those that need an alliance or want to play the game hard way. You can become a merc or who you want to be. https://politicsandwar.com/alliance/id=10375
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