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  1. Need a little help please. I tried to edit my nation and I keep getting this message: Edit Nation Error You've received the following error(s): Your forum account link is not valid. It should start with https://forum.politicsandwar.com/index.php?/profile/
  2. Because I haven't been on these crappy forums in over a month and decided to take a break from masterbating with my cheesegrater to see what was up around here......well,now I know.....now where did I put that cheesegrater?
  3. Once again......who gives a shit ? (thats not choclate yogurt for your information)
  4. So......why do we need to have another treaty web? If alliances are paperless.....deal with it.....take a chance and hit them. You'll find out quick enough who they are "Treatied" with when you get countered. One of the points of being paperless is to keep things interesting and surprising. Quit trying to ruin it by trying to order everyone to fess up to their behind the scences secret treaties.
  5. Wait....who are you again......and why is everyone all like...."Bye"?
  6. What.....I know I'm usually not "in the know".....but what the hell are you on about?
  7. Not quitting....taking a break.....thats the funniest shit I've heard all day!? Resume a war at some point in the future of your choosing.....stay maxed out....ha ha ha. We won't have to worry about you folks for what....a year! As to Pre trying to get support from other Alpha members and failing....lies...nothing but lies. I was in Alpha at the time when all that shit went down and I sided with Pre then and I side with Pre now. You guys think this all about some grudge Pre has with Alpha.....get over it already you whiny litte .....4-year olds. We blasted you guys because you were i
  8. We're not getting worked up......if its not a big deal at all over the loss of "some spies and a few thousand tanks"....then why the need to go into perma VM? Seems like its a prettty big deal to some of you.
  9. You do know there is a little pill that can help you with that.....just ask your doctor if its right for you.
  10. I like the look of your meat.....so.....hawt! Im sitting here.....all drooling just thinking about your suculant meat. Wait, did that sound gay or is it just me? Not that there is anything wrong with that.
  11. Yeah baby!!!!! Lets get this shit started!!!!!
  12. tl:dr Anyway.....since I'm late to this.....if someone can explain it to me in a nut shell.....WTF happened? Roz sent porn out and got banned? Seeing as I didn't get to see any of this "porn"......did it show penetration? A gang bang? Bestiality? If it was just some nude pics, how would that be any different from what the great artists painted back during the renaissance? Please, someone explain it me!
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