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  1. And yet perfectly reasonable. A little humiliation, they get out of a protracted conflict that they know they cannot win nor have the ability to win and now they get to go on their merry way.
  2. I love it. Fraggle's the best (worst) nation in this game. Hahahhahaha
  3. They put their entire alliance into vacation mode and have threatened to come out of vacation mode when we least expect it (or at a time that we are unable to defend against it).
  4. I'm all about the irony I guess. I mean, I'm not exactly shaking over here. It seems a little bit of a backwards plan to me is all and a little bit on the cowardly side. Why not simply agree to peace, build up, then go in on us in a few weeks. We've heard all about the vaulted fortunes of SA, so I'd imagine that would have been an easy thing to do. TEst has always been out there and we don't typically hide our intentions other than standard OpSec type stuff. Assuming the work around to reset it to 14 days is true and @Alex doesn't fix this loophole, then I guess we'll have to check back
  5. It is kinda sad that this is what it came to. I don't think I've ever met a sadder group of sore losers in this game (and man, there are some angry people here when it comes to burning pixels). Going into VM to, at some point in the future to hopefully attack us when we're weakened or caught off guard by an enemy we can't effectively track (yes, there are ways, I know). I mean, good game on this I guess. Coulda all been over a while ago and we'd have had no hard feelings about it. My only hope at this point is that you do come out of VM, rejoin the game and then we can see if you all have
  6. And thus they are gone. Not with a bang, but a whimper.
  7. RIP SA. Also, can someone please fix the calculations here! It's amazing!
  8. Word up home slice. Like I've said, just disappointed in their rhetoric vs reality.
  9. I'll poke a little, mostly because the whole point of this thread was that there was going to be mutually assured destruction... Ah yes, grand delusions rear their ugly head once again. Hitting them over and over would be an attack them once, then let them rebuild and then do it again and again for lulz (ie: GPA style). That's hardly the case here. One hit in several years is hardly the case. If we're going down that road then all of orbis is out to get one another...... Citation needed. If the statement is that we're going specifically after Alpha people, I had no idea wh
  10. I mean, we offered peace for the conclusion of round 1 (ie: a one and done war). It was thrown back in our face with a "if you don't peace now we'll rain destruction down on you for 8 or more rounds" (I believe i paraphrased but it's pretty close). So far only sunshine here. I like how the immediate conclusion of a lot of people here is that we're slinging mud when we have been nothing but cordial (at least until we had to respond to amusing threats). Guess it shows again people not investigating the whole of a situation and simply believing what they want rather than what the facts actual
  11. It is a highly effective weapon for pixel huggers. SA must have initiated a technology transfer through all of their resources they have at their disposal.
  12. We should note that both Loxy and Dutch Company have also both deployed the "Pixel Hugger" device at their nations. At this point, nearly 25% of SA's membership is hiding in VM. So much for all of the talk.
  13. I'll be the first to admit that TEst screwed the pooch on the spy war at the front. But, given that you had the advantage (as you rightly declared) with having so many spies, you should have pressed that one front of the war you hadn't lost and brought down a bunch of hurt on tanks. My guess is you actually couldn't muster enough activity to do so, despite your alliance's repeated claims to the contrary. I look forward to hearing the reasons for everything abandoning the effort, mostly because it will likely you all blaming other people for your failures. Suppose all you want about us
  14. Totally get what you're saying and it wasn't meant as a critique. I guess I'm just looking at it and they're not doing what they said they were going to do and their activity (as far as I can tell) is just as bad as it was prior to the start. I can't check their discord server because the link in the game is broken, so I honestly can't tell if they hang out online somewhere plotting our demise. I think that they could do some serious damage, but that would require a concerted effort and activity level so far not seen on their part. Ah well, whatcha gonna do? Guess all I can say is good lu
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