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  1. *waits for the circle jerk to start*
  2. Thank god you're not a judge in real life.
  3. Oh please, the amount of times I've gotten messages from you guys saying "wtf you doing bro" is disgusting in itself. You keep coming back to me. It's ok you love me. Just admit it. The fact that I just drew the attention from hippo, lordship, and sargun all at once is a success. Thanks for playing, boys.
  4. I suppose that's fair enough. I just wish people would drop treaties more often.
  5. I see. Why doesn't TKR just drop the treaty then?
  6. Is signing Acadia a backstab or am I missing something?
  7. I love how TKR talked shit about their own ally in this thread
  8. My TCW target offered peace almost immediately. Not even TFP tried offering peace. Says a lot.
  9. Aww hippo you're so cute. Please continue. I know this is a jab at me because that's what TKR thinks of me. If you have something to say to me then say it to my face. Or are you too much of a coward? You messaged me in-game but then stopped responding. Do you need Lordship to hold your hand?
  10. Too bad Lordship is in charge.
  11. I mean when I was a member of TKR, IC put up for a membership-wide vote whether we'd want to break up with tS or BK. Iirc, the membership picked breaking ties with tS. They liked BK for their memes and because they're more fun. Needless to say, IC hinted he'd keep tS over BK. And that's what happened. Things are in fact talked about without your knowledge. I mean now you're in a paperless alliance so it's only a matter of time before you grow large enough for Syndisphere to consider you a "threat" and roll you.
  12. I remember the days when I was in TKR and IC told us not to get cocky and post on the OWF exactly what Eumir just posted. He had the wisdom to know TKR is not a god and will one day "get rolled" as he put it. I admire TKR and IC for this. Apparently the rest of Syndisphere does not have this same wisdom. I know, rich coming from me.
  13. I mean I was shitposting to shitposting earlier and now I'm telling the truth. Maybe it wasn't you that said the stuff specifically. But again, I'm not making it up. These things were said. And it happens on your discord more often than not.
  14. Being able to mobilize during a war and do well isn't the end-all-be-all of activity. tS is good at war, ok. You guys have miraculously done well considering what I've heard about you. Just remember, tS had a lot of help this war. A lot of the alliances that attacked you were successfully countered or at least held at bay enough for you to do well. You seem to think tS can take all the credit when the real MVPs are the ones that saved you.
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