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  1. Would a fairer compromise be that once a nation is blockaded their tax rate is frozen?
  2. If y'all come out on top, might be a good idea to make a forced rebranding of your enemies alliance part of your peace terms. As an avid King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table fan I take exception to this perversion of that image and ideals. Given their past deeds and lack of honor, I think something based off Mordred would be more fitting.
  3. What if the default item in the text box were "emergency drop" or something like that which auto-filled with each deposit transaction?
  4. Many alliances rely on bots or spreadsheets to monitor and track their banking info. The bane of their existence is a lack of consistency. I'd like to suggest that the following changes be implemented as soon as possible. It will not effect the game in a grand scale, but it will enable ALL alliances to effect as much automated tracking as their leadership or skill allows. Short Term: Make the transaction note box a required element for both deposits and withdrawals. Long Term: Transition this box to a drop down menu, populated by a list of accepted transaction codes or references, defined by the alliance leadership via a text box under the alliance settings. After reviewing some of the most common notes and activities, I suggest the list be limited to 15 unique identifiers.
  5. Econ staff are generally those who have earned the most respect and trust. A well targeted series of attacks would force alliances to use members they may fight with, but have not earned the trust to have a key to the treasury. This would cause internal dissention, open alliances to risk of thievery, and incite chaos in the game if it ever took root. This idea needs to die. Either through disinterest or execution on the gallows.
  6. I think it would be better refined as an upgrade for alliances. Pay a one time fee of 2-4 credits to allow an alliance to give specialized awards. Additionally these awards need to be given their own place, right under the game awards. I also think there needs to be limits, both in their size and quantity. All things should be equitable to those applied to the in game awards.
  7. I got to thinking about the effect this might have on the development of nations as a whole. Does anyone feel that it will slow things down? I know most people are rolling their eyes as they click the downvote button, but hear me out. Who is going to want to make the first move to buy anything if the next guy gets it for a lower price? Large nations already pay a higher price for their development with each new city. Smaller nations already (in most alliances) get built up to a strong mid range nation with grants from taxes on those same nations. To me it seems this would unduly burden larger nations who have already gone through the process of building up and learning the game to get where they are.
  8. I like the notion, but I'm not sure how practical it will be.
  9. It's been a while since I found a good source of manure for my garden that doesn't cost a fortune. You seem to exude it on command and in vast quantities. If you live in or near a heavily agronomic community you could make a fortune.
  10. If possible I think it would be good to allow a custom entry of the length of the uncancelable nonaggression pact. All of those involved enter a time frame using days instead of turns, if all match, then no nation in any alliance in the agreement can violate it.
  11. You took what wasn’t yours and received a standard punitive retaliatory measure used throughout Orbis. Your first infraction during your initial Arrgh membership can (and most likely has been) overlooked, but repeat offenses by your own admission diminishes your argument. The ignorance of not checking your targets is a little comical, but Adrienne is well known for her mercy. The fact you rejected the terms means you were definitely not entitled to any form of leniency as you had already received and abandoned it. Your plight is self induced and your anger is misplaced. There is more to life that sitting in the corner brooding about what may have been. Sound the horn. Sharpen the blades. Issue the orders. Perhaps if you can satisfy this blood lust so you can finally move past it and get on with your life.
  12. You are arguing in favor of Arrgh? I think I’ve seen everything now. These Pirates, thieves by any rational objective point of view, deserve what they get. If they (ie. you or any member of any rogue alliance) left allied nations alone, life might have been and continue to be more pleasant. Anyone who accepts membership to any alliance is responsible (by proxy) for the decisions of their leadership, other members, and subsequently the ensuing consequences. I submit that your argument, much like your logic, is flawed, and I encourage you to look to your past alliance leadership if you need to blame someone for your misfortune.
  13. Stranglehold is a bit much. Its not the greatest overstatement of the century but it certainly takes the cake as the grossest overstatement ever made about anything in this game.
  14. Just because Alex won't do it doesn't mean its a bad idea. It just means he's not willing to do it, I personally love the idea. It adds a dynamic aspect to an otherwise static game.
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