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  1. great thread shifty! keep up the good work! proud of you!
  2. Hey friend I have the opposite problem in which i have problem gaining weight anyways good luck! remember though that losing weight too fast might result in excess skin. it can be removed via surgery but you might want to do some research on that.
  3. let me just educate all the cringey communist children on communism. so you want to redistribute the wealth? ok thats great. now whos going to do it? the revolutionary communist government? ok thats great. alright communist government give the people the mansions! wait stop you cant have that! you said it was for the people! wait we have to live in this? what do you mean? why do you get the mansions?? as you can see that the government redistributes the wealth to themselves when given the power as such in a communist government. theyre not in the power they are because theyre nice people. theyre in there cause theyre hungry for power and they will take more if given the chance. so are all you children done with your communist fantasy? its been annoying people who actually suffered under it for a while. stop with the damn cringe.
  4. really robert? talking again? dont you know to be quiet?
  5. cause you are cringe but we can have a discussion now
  6. actually my grandpa fought in the cuban revolution and my father was a communist and he fought in Nicaragua against the contras thats why im telling you you guys are cringey and ignorant cause i actually know that it wasnt how you guys think it is and my father isnt a communist anymore for a very good reason
  7. i was hoping for an actual discussion but ignorant people cant defend their ignorant views lol. pathetic.
  8. yes cause thats what communism leads to if you give the government power to redistrubte wealth they give it to themselves. and are you being racist? calling me a beaner? bro thats racist!!!!
  9. LOL ROLEPLAYER. but anyways you do the communism through the alliance as well which you actually do mean.
  10. its about communist alliance too lol you gonna report? thats your only defense since you actually dont know anything about communism. lol. cuba
  11. yes insignificant fool whos actually been in a communist country and knows about it unlike you. lol. stay ignorant.
  12. yes. i guarantee youve never been in a communist country in your life and youve never talked with anyone who came from one. youre ignorant if you think communism works.
  13. its fine to roleplay as a communist alliance but it becomes cringe when you take it seriously. yeah nevermind the millions that suffered under the communism that had their rights taken from them and imprisoned for saying what they believed. yeah those guys are losers am i right and they knew nothing about communism despite living in a communist country. no no the true intellectual knows that communism worked in those countries cause they read books from their dictators which totally isnt propaganda. no why would they lie? its the truth! its as bad as nazism its a double standard to cry about nazism and cheer communism. so can you all stop being ignorant foreigners with your communist alliance? it's cringe especially when ive been in a communist country and have to witness all the corruption and see my family members in poverty cause of communism then see on the internet a bunch of neckbeards praising communism. its cringe.
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