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  1. Nakatomi Corporation Nakatomi Corporation is pleased to announce its existence. The company will provide a few different options to its users as well as investors. Discord: https://discord.gg/HKH6NZP Sports Betting Games https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Fm8MrRtnDiXdP_qzVN_tA6CrUgLeH3fKKm1Y5MunPlQ/edit?usp=sharing Branches of Nakatomi Brokering: Nakatomi will invest its funds into brokering resources in order to make a profit. Investors will have the option of receiving their share of the profits at the end of each period, or reinvesting those profits*. Resource Liquidation: Nakatomi will buy resources from individuals directly. The standard price is 2.5% above the highest direct buy price, or 2.5% below the lowest direct sell price, whichever is lower**. Betting: Nakatomi will also offer sports betting using odds from BET 365. A few games each day will be opened for betting and bets can be made by sending a trade to Donsy Land with a message of the bet you would like to do. For now minimum bets will be $1M per game with a maximum bet of $25M per game. Casino: Nakatomi now offers a casino through which you can play Blackjack and Roulette. Minimum deposits of $1M to your accounts in order to use the casino. The casino is operated through the Discord channel provided above. Money can be sent via trade offer to Donsy Land. Withdrawal of Accounts: You may request a withdrawal from your account at any time. However, there are minimum processing times for the withdraw, with the processing time dependent on the amount of money that is to be withdrawn. These withdrawals only pertain to the casino or sports betting accounts. Withdrawal*** (millions of $) Processing Time**** (hours) 1 - 10 24 hours >10 - 50 48 hours >50 - 100 72 hours >100 96 hours Investors: Any investors who wish to invest in Nakatomi may contact Brandon Donsberger to further discuss possible investing. *All money is in politics and war money and has no real money value. Odds and spreads for sports betting are based on the odds right before the game starts and all bets must be placed before the game starts. Only taking investors sparingly. **Subject to change. May be altered for a case by case basis. ***Minimum withdrawal is $1 million. ****The processing time is only for bets and casino winnings. Processing times are subject to change depending on, but not limited to, current liquid assets and number of requests.
  2. Interesting you try to call out NPO when the #1 alliance has 7 MD plus level treaties
  3. Not at all but TKR is trying to say that won't be the case
  4. I do find this interesting considering this is what TKR wants to do and even TKR's ally say it is a terrible idea.
  5. And you guys Bullshitting on us since we left you and talking a bunch of crap with continuous lies all being endorsed by your sphere doesn't look good for you. Sorry we wouldn't be your servant and allow you to control our every move.
  6. 8% total interest earned for 5 months of you having it that's ridiculous. 8% can be earned in a day easily while brokering.
  7. I don't know why you would run a CDO when it ruined the economy
  8. Except people will be much more willing to continue fighting if 780 people die compared to 36,000. That's like a few buildings worth of destruction compared to 20-25% of a city. (Based on 150k pop and 1,5000 infra and looking at phiney vs avruch war)
  9. Should probably add more info regarding investments/deposits as no set terms which people won't like if you are looking for investments
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