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  1. Join oasis so we can be swamp reborn lmao
  2. All hail glorious leader Minesome the Great 😛
  3. KT Disband? LoL said by someone who his bloc surrendered just in one day war 🤣
  4. Even though I don't really know much about you I wish good luck for you
  5. Thanks for handling this issue Mr.Alex but The problem is the guy that accused us thought that accounts is made by FSR Government and spread fake news about us if all FSR government involved in multis ring. And the reality it's just our inactive members that probably don't understand about the game rules 😛
  6. The answer is simple because there is no multis involved in the FSR gov. @Anun Tidera
  7. Alright first it's an old conversation in public chat (18 October), why don't you send the full screenshot of conversation, And of course we are discussing our cheating plan in PUBLIC Chat, basically we are joking about multis after I reported someone to Mr. Alex with multis after he tried to scam our prot and rob their bank with his multis and then he joined our discord and trash talking in there lol.(the scammer username is Deleted user) I will post the full screenshot here : I am sorry for this ping Mr. @Alex But this fake news must be stopped And please investigate this issue
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