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  1. Rebekah Mikaelson

    House Arryn first decleration

  2. Rebekah Mikaelson

    House Arryn first decleration

    Am I the only one who finds it funny that despite House Arryn's Reasonably small size, it took all of BK's Coalition to declare war? Like why couldn't BK do it one their own. Have they really become that weak? Or is it that House Arryn is simply too powerful for them to fight alone? As far as I know she did and they refused the peace.
  3. Rebekah Mikaelson

    Fraggle got hit!!! Not clickbait.

    tbh tho, what did she expect? Joining TJ? Where aint nobody in the world near her score to help her.
  4. Rebekah Mikaelson

    Join The Originals

    So I am just gonna keep this really simple. If you like an alliance that's cool. One that will benefit you in more ways than one can count. Join The Originals. We are relatively new, and therefore can focus on each members development way faster than most others. All we require is that you remain active. So join today. We could really use a skillful player as yourself! https://politicsandwar.com/alliance/id=5618 Join our discord after applying in game with the link above. https://discord.gg/ZfW22y6 P.S. - We are an alliance based on the tv-series, The Originals.
  5. Rebekah Mikaelson

    Always & Forever

    lol. y'all so funny. raise hands all alliances who never started with one member. Don't worry, we will soon add you to our sphere of influence too
  6. Rebekah Mikaelson

    Always & Forever

    We are bound forever to those with whom we share blood. The Originals declares its existence.
  7. Rebekah Mikaelson

    The Reception

    Off to the reception we go. Arriving at the venue, you are greeted by the most beautiful wedding hall to ever be created in less than two months. The decorators clearly went all out for this even. Each table has its own unique array. The food, as was to be expected, was the best the world had to offer. Everything one could ever dream of was there. You need only ask. The cake itself is magnificent. Given as a gift from one of the Princess's most trusted ally and friend, Souparmon, it was a sight to behold. The level of detail acquired shows just how important this affair is. Needless to say, the cake was far from being affordable to the average citizen. The ball room had different decor as it catered more to drinks and open spaces for dancing than food. It is estimated that it took 43 workers 4 nights to arrange this room alone which is extremely impressive since they had to do begin it all exactly five days prior to the actual wedding. The newly weds arrived promptly and the entire affair went far better than anyone could have ever dreamt. The two photos of the night however had to be given to the kiss between the two brides and the emotional moment between the Princess Shannakay and her brother, Prince Antonio. The two stood overwhelmed with tears of joy for a moment after the Prince gave his toast to his sister, recalling moments only the two had shared in the past. It was truly something special to see. The closing moment of the night. After such a long but thrilling event, the night was capped with another breathtaking, eye watering, heart wrenching kiss. It was the perfect end to a perfect day in a perfect story. Everything went off without a single hiccup. All in all, everything went perfect. Now they are off! Princess Shannakay [soon to be Queen] and the new, Princess Arianne are set to have their honeymoon outside of Pegasus. We send them our best wishes and look forward to the new age. And to close of today's live broadcast, the wedding was also set in stone by the statement released by the military which stated that to commemorate the event, The Pegasus Army is proud to announce the opening of the first ever nuclear research facility in Pegasus and are have already developed the nation's first ever nuclear missile. The Pegasus Embassy was unavailable for a direct answer given the main event today however have announced on their website/social accounts that Pegasus, does in fact, now possess nuclear capabilities.
  8. Rebekah Mikaelson

    The Wedding

    Unfortunately, we weren't allowed to film the wedding itself however here is recap of what happened. Hopefully we will be able to get some of the photos taken by RP. Now here is the recap: Princess Shannakay arrived on the scene sporting a $2mil PGD dress outfitted with freshly cut diamonds and other gemstones. The bride to be, Priestess Arianne arrived shortly after and entered through the main entrance. Once inside, the people stood and the bride made her way to the front. There the service begun, Arianne said her vows first, followed by Her Highness. After which the knot was tied with the exchange of the rings. Her Royal Highness then took the ring, yes the one we have not been able to stop speaking about all week, and placed it upon Arianne's finger. Her Highness's ring, whilst far more subtle, was still a very shocking sight as the diamond glistened when it was taken out of the swade casing. The ring, which itself was pure silver, sported 53 crushed diamond pieces, 2 cut and finished white diamonds and to top it all off it featured, as its main artifact, a freshly cut, trimmed and polished, blue diamond. The ring is said to have cost a whopping $45mil PGD and required the cooperative effort of four different 'Jewelers' to be completed. After the exchange of the rings, the marriage was sealed with the kiss and what a kiss it was. The raw affection shown with than one kiss had the entire room gasping for air when it was over. So caught up was everyone that the room went silent as even the Priest held his breath in anticipation. The applause that followed set new records for marriages as not a single person was left sitting. Now it's off to take pictures before the reception.
  9. Rebekah Mikaelson

    The Bride Arrives

    The Bride has arrived! However she did not come through the same entrance as everyone else. In fact, all morning, the main personnel have been travelling through the 2nd entrance. However the bride will enter through the main gateway. Her Highness, Priestess Arianne stops for a quick smile to the camera before being escorted by her father inside. Let the wedding begin.
  10. Rebekah Mikaelson

    To The Wedding Ceremony!

    The Wedding procession is underway! The Queen Regent (Hayley) arrives at the Wedding before her daughter. This will be her last time at a public affair as the acting Queen as Princess Shannakay's coronation process is set to begin after the wedding and honeymoon are complete. Whilst we aren't sure what the item on her head was, rumor suggests it may be in honor of her daughter's fiancée's culture. Princess Keira arrives shortly after, looking as beautiful as ever. Then arrived Her Highness herself. Sporting the Royal Colors of The Pegasus Empire, she looked simply dazzling in her outfit. However she wasn't to spend long in front the cameras and was soon whisked away. More after the break.
  11. The Official List of All Foreign Officials/Heads of States attending the wedding has been released. Heads of States From Farkistan Souparmon Hayley (The Princess's Mother) Kosmokenny Saloph Maddog Bozzie From Afrika Korps Red Baron (The Priestess's Father) Khai Jager Agent Zero (The Princess's long time friend) From Pantheon katashimon13 LukeTP GoomyMan SixSadistic66 The Syndicate Leopold von Habsburg Timmy BAMF Deathly Hallows Meggles (Vip guest) InsaneJokerJester09 (Vip guest) AMC Karol the wise Weebunism Empiur The Coal Mines Nokia Rokia The Originals Elijah Mikaelson (Trusted friend and Ally of Pegasus) note: He is from Yakuza and is not officially apart of 'TO'. Ry Hollingsworth Ashton Rowe Moody (Protected by the Empire) Other officials include delegates from over 362 countries among other representatives. The total estimated foreign official visits this week are at a record high of approximately 985 Heads of States/Representatives/Ambassadors.
  12. Rebekah Mikaelson

    A Wedding To Last The Ages #2

    As the time for the wedding approaches, multiple delegates and Heads of States are being escorted to the site of the ceremony. The Princess has not yet left the Imperial Palace however and neither has the Priestess left the Royal Palace grounds. A Detachment from the Royal Palace's guard can be seen guarding the palace from the sun rose into the sky. Back at the imperial palace however, things are looking much different, with many persons still coming and going thus suggesting that all is not yet ready. The military has remained stationed at the Palace grounds since the wedding was announced.
  13. Rebekah Mikaelson

    A Wedding To Last The Ages #1

    Good Morning Pegasus. Welcome to the official live broadcast of today's main event, the wedding of Princess Shannakay and Priestess Arianne. As the sun rises we can already see the streets bustling with life as people begin crowding the sidewalks and walkways. The Air Force has also been very active over the course of the night with its activity peaking as the sun rose into the sky. On the ground, things aren't much different either. Police officers from all over the country have been called to the capital to ensure maximum security. There is also a strong military presence within the area. The wedding is not yet set to begin however there are already multiple concerns as to just how secure any travelling will be today, given the massive influx of people into the capital to mark this grand occasion.
  14. Rebekah Mikaelson

    Ketog vs Chaos War: Name Poll Round 1

    Yh but I don't think none will ever compare to this.
  15. Rebekah Mikaelson

    Ketog vs Chaos War: Name Poll Round 1

    Last Crusade sounds about fitting.

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