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  1. Sup ^%^%*&^@ I'm baaaccckkk. And with me, I hereby announce the recreation project of The Originals. Afrika Korps is no more. The Unoriginals is no more. Now We Have THE ORIGINALS!!!! Come my children. You're all safe now. P.S. This is an official announcement from the advertising dept of The originals and therefore is considered a matter of Alliance Affairs as the alliance still, and will continue to exist for the remainder of the 365 days till its heir can return to claim its throne. Reader discretion is advised. This content is rated E for everyone.
  2. Then I will damage away my friend. Eventually I will attack you again. Don't worry. Just don't go and die before then. Then again, if you do, I will just claim another victory ?
  3. no thanks to u ? hence im still gonna claim victory here. see ya around lover boy
  4. Haha, and why would we do that? Afterall, we still hold the upper ground here. Ya paid us to end the first war. Until something similar happens, even if we surrendered to u, u would still look like the children in the story ?
  5. lol i wished six would allow me back into Pantheon Unfortunately for me, he declined my most humble request. They even refused to allow me to join once i rerolled ? Also yh. thanks to her/him/whatever gender they r, i cant use my name anymore. Is Jinmi even on the forums? @souparmon
  6. ah that thing too. thanks for reminding me. gonna just change my ingame name to rebekah mikaelson.
  7. As for EM. I would tell u what to tell him but unfortunately we r on the forums and such indecent language is against the rules xD. Tell him he shouldve already paid it tho. Given I am, was and still will be his younger sister after all ? Hence y i said both our alliances outlasted both of theirs ?
  8. Lol. I never claimed to fight and win. I claimed to outlive them all. Am I wrong in this regard?
  9. haven't heard? we coming to join our bff in Mythic. Vein invited us a long time ago and we've decided to accept his invitation
  10. ooh. on a roll. too bad TO still exists tho ? we here to make all ur lives miserable. till we merge ?
  11. that is an excellent question. rlly is.
  12. hey stony. heard u managed to coup/cause the couping of like 6 more alliances since u left us ?
  13. Oui Nick. Where is my money? You ppl still have like 54m for me you know. Clock's ticking!
  14. Sup pops? Your daughter has returned xD
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