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  1. Following members of Goons/Goon's Squad migrating to UA to support them in this war and/or declaring war from their own alliance, The Originals declares war on both Goons and Goon's Squad. Following the attacks made by United Armies on TO, TO recognizes these hostilities by TMC's protectorate as a breach of the truce which had not yet expired between the two alliances and hereby cancels the truce. That said, as long as TMC remains out of this new confrontation, we see no need to return to a state of war. Rebekah Mikaelson, Queen The Originals i cant wait to see how many down votes this gets 😂 Love u all too 💄
  2. don't worry. ur 2.5k infra is looking quite ripe for the taking. Its coming. Just keep taking care of that infra for me
  3. Yes I'm not dead. And I am making this post just to piss you off. So if you hate the very thought of me, don't scroll down 😂 The Persian Empire (soon to be renamed of course, declares its existence. The Persian Empire recognizes the attacks on it from members of the Astra Bloc and TMC as a declaration of war and thus declares war on all parties involved. Now for the fun stuff. The Originals attacks Empyrea. The Originals attacks UA. The Originals peaces with UA. The Originals gets "couped". The Originals surrenders to Empyrea. The Originals gets couped. The Originals becomes The UnOriginals. The Unoriginals dies. The Persian Empire is born. The Persian Empire finds itself at war with the same people who couped its predecessor. The Persians swear to avenge their fallen. Somewhere in the mix up above UA practically surrendered to TO shortly after the attacks started and somewhere after it a different peace agreement was met where they agreed to pay cash for peace with an ally. WE ARE STILL WAITING ON THAT CASH! U have a few hours. If you have read all the way to this point you are either really pissed right now or a true friend to the crown. P.S. - I did warn you not to scroll down 😝
  4. glad u enjoying the content 😂
  5. This does not have a tag because it doesn't match any of the available tags. In accordance to my statement above, The Originals will not declare war on Empyrea despite their declaration of war on us. We will offer peace to their players and if rejected, we will allow the wars to run out. Let it be known that The Originals does not surrender to Empyrea and is declaring a truce. All members of TO will halt any raids currently underway against Empyrea. On a completely different note, ShadyAssassin, we didn't declare war simply because we had no interest in fighting a war against Empyrea. That said, I do acknowledge that members of TO did attack Empyrea in what would seem like an attack which in turn caused Empyrea to declare war on The Originals which has led us nowhere.
  6. The Vampires and The United Armies of men have agreed to a truce. Terms of the peace settlement are as follows: The United Armies will become a Protectorate of Farkistan as was previously agreed upon. The Originals would drop it's Casus Belli against The United Armies. The Unforgiven Legion and The Originals would cease hostilities immediately and a small fee paid to The Originals for damage caused. The Players and The Originals would cease hostilities immediately and a small fee paid to The Originals for damage caused. All other allies of The United Armies who did not launch attacks against The Originals during the brief skirmish are not to be harmed. Kingsglaive also agrees to all the above terms and agrees to cease all hostilities as well. Signed: The Originals Kingsglaive The United Armies The Players Unforgiven Legion Farkistan
  7. Wait, wasn't GPC already at war with Noctis tho 🤔 I may be wrong but I could have sworn this is the second or third war declaration on Noctis's alliance.
  8. I'm still missing the word Protectorate here. Pass me your glasses. Maybe they have some special lens. All that matters tho is that it is apart of TO. All the world needs to know.
  9. Where did u see the treaty say the word 'Protectorate'?
  10. The Originals - UTRGV PSA Article I The Originals hereby agrees to protect UTRGV PSA from this day forth. Article II All attacks on UTRGV PSA will be deemed as an attack on The Originals and will be treated as such. Article III UTRGV PSA agrees to fight for the Queen, whenever she calls. Article IV The Originals agrees to, apart from assist in recruitment and other classified matters, refrain from influencing any and all actions taken by UTRGV PSA unless it directly threatens the interest of TO. Article V Both Parties agree that this treaty will last for a classified amount of time unless both agree otherwise. Signed for The Originals Rebekah Mikaelson - Queen Rosa Cossette D'Ellis Stony Ashton Rowe Signed for UTRGV PSA Vesper
  11. I see you still haven't gotten over it XD.
  12. The annual Pegasus World Championships will begin shortly. All matchups will be streamed live in The Originals' Discord Server. All contestants are to head there immediately. More information will be available in the server later today.
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