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  1. Preparations have begun for Princess Meggles' Coronation. All the necessary teams have begun setting things in motion. We expect everything to be ready in the coming months. - Palace Representative. One thing is for certain. Construction has already begun.
  2. Rebekah Mikaelson


    Warning! Flashing Gifs ahead! Please Skip if you have suffered from seizures or epilepsy recently. We are halfway into the event and people are having a blast. There are over 16 different stages set up inside the XOXO Complex. And the fun has just begun! Tickets have already sold out with over 6.5bn raised with half of the sum going to charity. However the marketing team are still allowing more and more persons to enter at a discounted price. But the party never ends. All day, all night. Non-stop action! Let the partying begin!
  3. For the first time since her birth, the public are finally getting a glimpse of Princess Rosa Cossette D'Ellis. The princess, who was out for her mother's anniversary sported a rose coloured dress with a white finish. She looked splendid.
  4. In all fairness I see no point for them to peace out. All it gives is the chance to raid more ppl without repercussions since it's a war (take Arrgh players for example). And sure they're losing stuff but we are talking about a bunch of alliances that never minded losing things from the beginning. I mean, isn't that like their motto at this point? While it might in the end cost them more to repair than you, it will cost you more than them if this war drags out into next year. Which at the current rate, it will. You aren't wrong. Then again, they are refusing to surrender because of the same reason why Coalition B is still fighting so idk. I guess you just gotta keep the war going.
  5. If I'm wrong tell me why y'all are still fighting at this point. Since both sides have claimed victory. 1 one the first stage of the war, the other won over the entire duration. At this point its just 2 sets of ppl fighting with no purpose.
  6. BK might not but quite a few of BK allies are starting to get fed up of fighting for no further reason other than pride.
  7. Breaking News! Four hundred and ninety-nine people confirmed dead in a nuclear explosion late last night. A nuclear bomb went off in a small city late last night. At the time of the explosion, approximately 1000 civilians were in the area. Cydia, a new city that had been under development for sometime, was just opened the night before. Families were just moving into their homes when a bright light blinded them followed by a loud explosion. Here is a survivor's account of the night her life changed. "My husband and I had just gotten out of the car when we were blinded by a very bright light. It was fierce and looked orange and yellow. But then it became a deathly red. Shortly after my vision returned I heard the explosion and I remember thinking to myself, we are under attack! I only survived because of how far I was from the blast." Others report hearing a sonic boom before the bright light and the terrifying sound. Rescue operations were underway as soon as the sun rose with many working to decontaminate the area. Bodies were collected, survivors were retrieved and brought to a special facility where they underwent treatment. Meanwhile, a team of brave men went under to ensure that the nuclear reactor that was present in the city at the time wasn't damaged and wouldn't cause a second explosion. Once the reactor was secured, another team came in and it was transported to safety. So far, no one has taken responsibility of this disaster, however, reports state that as soon as rescue operations are complete, an investigation will be launched to uncover whom is responsible.
  8. The Pegasus Embassy has released an official statement today stating that there has been a bounty placed on the Queen's head. Suspected parties currently include, but are not limited to an ally and his/her associate(s). "An investigation is currently underway to identify the perpetrator(s) and when they are found, they will be brought to justice," the spokesperson announced, "By any means necessary." It is well known that the Pegasan Military has units deployed all over the globe however today that all changes as all overseas units including; Carrier Strike Groups, deployed forces and off duty/reserve personnel which were outside the country at the time of the incident. Back in the capital, things are being locked down. All flights to and from the city are being diverted or cancelled. The streets now swarm with officers and military personnel as many prepare for the worst. Meanwhile the airspace above and around the country is now under constant surveillance.
  9. The Queen's plans for development continues as two more cities finished development yesterday. Many citizens who couldn't previously afford homes were offered new, fully furnished homes at extremely low prices. So far around 320,000 Pegasans have already relocated to these new cities which are already buzzing with life. Many job opportunities were also opened and unemployed personnel flocked to the city looking for work. Traffic into the city is at a standstill right now with both residents and tourists alike trying to all be the first to get into the cities. More news after the break.
  10. The Embargo on Whiskeyland was short lived as a diplomat from Whiskeyland arrived in Pegasus shortly after it was announced and resolved the pending issue.
  11. The Pegasus Embassy has just declared that an Embargo has been placed on Whiskeyland as all imports from the country has officially seized. What will this mean for the two countries? We can only ponder over this new development.
  12. From birth it could be seen that Pyrrha was not to be judged as a weakling. She showed extreme bravery from the age of 5 by challenging her father in duels and combats. She would try and try without tire until her mother called her to bed, or for food, or even just to rest awhile before continuing. Unlike other children in Atlas, Pyrrha was one of the few born to a Titan and a goddess. As such, she possessed raw natural skills from birth that most of the other children did not have. This prevented her from being able to play with the locals as she was seen as extremely dangerous at play. It is said that she only inherited one trait of a Titan and though many scholars battle and say she had more, they all agree that her temper and how quickly she could get angry was the closest attribute that linked her to her father. At first she was just a simple little girl who loved practicing how to fight with her father however one day, whilst fighting with him, her cousin, Dionysus decided to attempt to get her attention. So he threw a rock. It didn't hit her, but it had managed to distract her long enough that her father was able to knock her off her feet. Normally, she would have gotten up and told him a piece of her mind but today, instead of talking she hurled a rock back at him at blinding speeds. Had it none been for his supernatural background, the rock would have hit him and taken his head with it as it continued on its journey. After witnessing how overpowered she became when she got angry, her father decided to begin training her to be like him. She began accompanying him to battle and soon became known as the pride of Atlas but that name was not to last. One night, whilst patrolling the border of Atlas, Pyrrha noticed something suspicious. She had around 20 men with her so instead of continuing on her way, she halted and inquired whether her second had seen the fire of in the woods nearby. After receiving clarification, they decided to head to the bon-fire to see whether it was thieves or natives. When they arrived on the scene, the area was empty and the surrounding forest was quiet. They began wondering if this was such a great idea. The soldiers could feel eyes staring at them and they could not see who was looking. Suddenly an arrow flew from a tree to the group of soldiers, one dropped dead. A volley of arrows followed with a charge of around 29 men. Pyrrha's little patrolling party was not equipped to fight in such an enclosed space while being attacked by archers. As the battle went on, more and more soldiers died at the hand of the rebels. To give the remaining portion of her guard enough time to retreat, she decided she would fight them all off until her men were clear. They placed the action into play and an even larger battle ensued. Somewhere in the battle she got knocked to the ground. As she was getting up, her father charged in. They began fighting side by side as the last group of soldiers were evacuated off scene. As they were about to leave to rejoin their men an arrow pierced Pyrrha's armor and lodged in her side. As her father looked back, he saw her fall to the ground. Blood could be scene gushing out of the wound. It was clear she wasn't going to make it. The sight tore her father apart. The world had forgotten who they were as they had tried to fit in. However as the Titan of Afterthought looked on Pyrrha's face, he could feel his daughter's pain. He decided then and their that no longer would she be withheld by mortality but he would instead make her fully immortal. He stood up and showed his true form, he reminded the world what a Titan's power looked like and all enemies shrunk away in fear. He then turned to his daughter and began first to restore life to her now lifeless body. Then he began the process of making her immortal. It completely changed her. And with this change came new personalities. No longer could the world harm her, but she was made like a Titan to them. When she awoke her appearance had completely changed. She saluted her father through kneeling as only a true warrior could. Then her eyes turned red and ice and fire engulfed her with lightning and her wrath turned to those who had just wronged her. And she made quick work of all who didn't immediately bend the knee to her father. No longer was she known as the pride of Atlas, but as "The Crown Jewel" "Princess of Atlas" "Protector of the bold". Atlas in the early stages of life.
  13. Reported by: Asher Princess Leona's birthday party was held at the Isabella's Royal Palace. The largest and most notorious hotel in Pegasus. Organised by one of the best event organisers in the country, dining tables were dressed to the nines with a ceiling decked out with matching chandeliers, balloons and flowers. Seven is a special age in Pegasan culture and families will throw a special birthday party but “nobody does that,” a Pegasan colleague said of the party’s extravagance. Unsurprisingly, the theme of the party was princes and princesses. Children were encouraged to dress up for the theme to potentially take home a ‘best dressed’ prize. Attendants were told via the invite not to wear blue, reserved for the birthday girl and the Royal Family. Now we know how to make ourselves feel special for our next birthday party: reserving an entire shade for ourselves. To top it off, there were performances by ballet dancers, professional singers, acrobats and my personal favourite—a slew of Disney princesses who belted out a song. When I witness the theatrical pomp of Princess Leona's birthday party, I can only imagine many children dreaming of being in her position. What the party signals is that her life is set out for her, being able to have anything she desires. How are her parents going to top it off for her sweet 16? Having all the Disney princesses serenade you is already quite a high bar. This is in fact the first royal event which citizens were allowed to attend. It has been reported that Princess Leona only asked for one thing this birthday, and that was for 'normal' people to be at her party too. And so Party planners and Palace Officials did exactly that. The Queen wanted this to be the best party her daughter had ever had and so she made sure everyone went above and beyond to get everything perfect. A week before the party, invitations were sent out to various households all over Pegasus. Families from all classes received invitations however not all citizens did. In fact the selection process was very particular in who got an invite and who did not. On the day before the party, all those families outside of the capital who received invites were escorted by the police in their cities to the airport where free flights awaited them. Once they arrived in the capital they were grouped and assigned a guide who would remain with them at all times. They were each given rooms in the most lavish hotel in the capital and were allowed a day of shopping all on the house to prepare for the party the next day or to simply shop for things to bring back home. Indeed, the Palace paid for all expenses so that even those who weren't wealthy could have a fabulous time and get things to help them out back home. At the party however, apart from the Royal Family, you couldn't identify who was from what class as everyone shined. The event was of course covered from head to toe with security but they remained out of sight or blended in so as to not take away from the moment. The crowning moment of the evening/night. The cake. Now I still can't choose which is more magnificent. The dress of the princess or the cake. But in this shot, definitely the cake. Like look at the size of that thing. And yes don't let that line fool you. This is 100% cake. With the exception of the flowers. Looking at this birthday's lavishness, one begins to think of how much this must have costed. Like you would have to be a royal or the child of a billionaire to have such a party. I don't think any planner will be able to top this birthday party for her 16th or 18th birthday party. I'm telling you. This is the crowning moment of her partying life. It's simply impossible to surpass this. The best anyone can do is make the sweet 16 party and the 18th yr old one as good as this. Maybe repeat some things here and there. But this is officially the peak of partying.
  14. The ILLENIUM charity event dates has been officially announced. "September 8 - September 17" Ticket sales have begun today with over 1bn raised so far from preorders. This year's event is set to be the party of the century. Tickets available at 'The Originals'. Ticket pricing varies based on services desired. Not suitable for children under the age of 13.
  15. disregard it and come join us too but u r right. ~ Title of Post. To whom it may concern.~
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