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News Blog: Post 9

Welcome to HNS 24/7.   After a short break, we're back! New scheduling combined with viewer input means that this blog will post regularly, however not daily. We will always cover the latest and greatest of Hungadadian news and events. So jump in!   Minister Resigns: Minister of Economic Affairs Laura James has officially resigned. James' resignation comes amid a government investigation into misuse of state funds by her cabinet. Minister James met with the Emperor to formally hand in her resignation. Currently, Minister James is under house arrest while the investigation continues. Jubilation erupted outside the Palace, where exuberant anti-James supporters celebrated. 3 people were injured resisting police removal of the celebrators due to crowd control issues.   Emperor to Salute Fallen Soldiers: Emperor Tristar Majestica will travel to Lionsgate-Amber Air Base to honor fallen soldiers. 178 coffins will return from Lebanon, where Hungadada and its coalition allies were fighting the ILO. The Emperor will then meet families of the fallen. Hungadada will later honour its service members with a 2 day mourning period (dates to be announced).   Port Royalty Memorial Statue Erected: A statue and monument in honour of 1,487 victims of the Port Royalty terrorist attacks has been officialy opened. His Majesty Emperor Tristar Majestica presented an opening statement: "Today, we honour the victims of the attacks on Port Royalty. Terrorisim cannot exist alongside our society. This monument will stand not only as a tribute but also as a stark reminder of the duty we all have in the fight against terrorism. Families, I grieve with you. Your family members did not die in vain. Because we will rise, and we will remove the stain of terrorisim from Orbis. Thank you"   That will end today's broadcast.

Channel 7 News Edition 3

Coalition News   The Coalition was happy to sign Sweden into the coalition, but things took a twist after Chernigov has also begun the process to join The Coalition. Secretary General Muhammad has called this an unexpected turn of events, With Damascus in our hands, we are one step closer to peace in the middle east.   (This is just coming in, San Florence has also begun its process to join The Coalition)
National News
Communist Japan has begun the process of the idea of an Embargo on Australia, in contact with its allies Australia warns any embargo on Australia will be hit twice as hard, with the economic trade that was nearly 2.4 Billion rapidly plummeting to 1 Billion instead, with Australian Companies leaving Japan and Japanese Companies leaving Australia, Secretary of Commerce Leah Di Nac said "We are sad to see the trade between our nations halting, but The Australian Government does stand by its decision if Japan thinks that it can threaten to kill our citizens and that we will turn a blind eye then they are wrong. They can assume we are the evil force, but tell me. Who is evil those who threaten to raze a city to the ground, or those who say we will talk? Mr. Chairman, the door to friendship is open, but you must be the one to open it.  
National News
Australian Forces in Syria celebrated a major victory in capturing Damascus and Allies Forces capturing Homs. The Arab Republic of Lebanon has already become one of Australia's biggest trade partner. Its nearly 56 million population has already moved above its nearly 65% Poverty rate to 12% and is set to be 2% by December, Coalition Forces have begun their withdrawal in Lebanon to keep only 10,000 Coalition Troops and move the rest to begin their attacks on The Islamic Liberation Organization President Hunter and Defense Secretary Hoffman have called this a great achievement and see the fall of The Islamic Liberation Organization on the Horizon
National News  Schools reopen, with a drop of 2% in students but many analysts see that it will begin to rise back. Secretary of Education Eric Lexus has said he believes in our future and that it will be safeguarded. The Educational Self-Defense Force has been a strong force in schools with students feeling more secure, as well as Bullying,Crime, and other heinous things on a rapid decline from 3% down to .5% which has caught some off guard. High-End Security donated by Aussie Backyards has been a great help in protecting schools from terror groups   Intelligence News
A joint Intelligence Unit from Wintery and Caledonia arrived and helped with interrogating the 13 bombers who attempted to hijack IA-60 which was heading to Tokyo and attempted to hijack an aircraft heading to Syndey. The Lead Agent Pack Member (Name Classified) has said we have achieved some success with us gaining intel on terror cells across Asia and in the middle east. Wintery Pack members were able to raid an ILO stronghold capturing 13kg worth of explosive and high-grade weaponry with targets on the Japanese, Australian, and Royal Palace/Embassies. The Wintery Royal Family has called this a great achievement

New City

On this day, Outpost 14 has finished construction on the Taiwanese Colony, off the coast of the Order's mainland. This new city will contain all of the same benefits and luxuries as all of the other Outposts have, but Outpost 15's industry will be dedicated towards space travel and maritime military construction.

Although the Order of Humanity's space program has been quiet for many months, it is still maintaining a moon colony and a space station. With Outpost 15, the Order is expecting to make advances in interstellar travel soon, with plans for colonies in other parts of the Solar System.




Hrar and Bzal turn into warzones

The Peaceful tribes and villages of Hrar and Bzal beacons of peace and prosperity have been turned into war zones, with Coalition and Arabian-Backed Terror groups and ILO fighting for control of the two towns of Hrar and Bzal.  
Northern Campaign
After Australian Forces were pushed 3km back out of Bzal, Coalition forces quickly captured Bzal and gained a foothold in Hrar. Dutch Forces have been battling the Arabian-Backed Terror Groups alongside ILA forces. Coalition Leadership can reveal that Hrar has been captured by Islamic Liberation Forces The Dutch 6th "Panthers" Armee with 4 Divisions from Australia 5 from Hungadada and 3 new division to arrive from Thundera. The 6th Armee been forced back out of the region with 8 Brigades all that remain from a breakthrough in the Coalition Lines.  
Battle for Damascus
The Coalition Forces have begun to capture key cities and towns that have opened the route for Damascus, with The 3rd Royal Army and its 10-14 Allied Divisions poised to move on Damascus where heavy fighting has begun to bog down troops. Coalition Forces have begun to bomb ILO positions relentlessly with light civilian casualties.   Southern Campaign
Coalition Forces under Hungadada's 8th Army have received much-needed reinforcements by the armies arriving from Thundera. The 8th Army has 8 Allied Divisions in its arsenal and has begun to capture the last ILO and ILA Stronghold left in Southern Lebanon.

Afribuskyoslavic News

New City Finally Complete
The new city that was to be build is finally established. The city was named Voskoov after Almie Voskoov, Anastia Orlav's Brother. Victor Orlav stated in his speech at the Grand Opening of the city, "Many had told me Afribuskyoslav needed another great city. I decided to wait until after the war, for the protection of the city." Many have moved to Voskoov for new jobs.  
Sales for New Drink Skyrocket!
A new drink was created after the war bject was by Military Colonel Joeseph Black. He created the drink out of Rum that was stolen from Arrgh. The Rum was modified and mixed with liquefied duck liver and swordfish bone marrow. Then it is cooled, mixed with lemon juice and grapes. Then it is dyed blue. When deciding the name, Colonel Black decided to make a joke on one world leader he disliked. The drink was named the "Roz-Ale-ia" The bottle has an eagle on it. The cost of each bottle was put at $0.80 due to the huge demand. Rum production in Afribuskyoslav increases.   Odd object seen in sky (again)
Yet another object was seen in the Afribuskyoslavic sky, But this one was not manmade. it was an odd blue object moving very fast. First, it was thought to be a comet, but it was not near any star. Here it is through high definition telescope technology:
  It may look like a galaxy with a trail but those are particles of hydrogen. The center is an unknown object, but it seems to be repelling and attracting the large pieces of hydrogen. More research is being done.   Artist gets $2,000 for "Art"
An artist named Almie Vurtcroft wanted to show everyone what he thought of modern art. He said "I believe modern art is very useless and dumb." To prove his point, he drew this:

"Today, this random assortment of lines would be called 'art'" Then he began mocking a museum tour guide: "this represents the troubles of today's society!" The crowd laughed. But they had no idea what was about to happen. Two days later, an art collector asked to buy his add assortment of lines for $2,000! The artist accepted the deal. In a later interview he said, "this proves my point". The Art collector later sold the art to the museum of art in Orvanic for $3,000.   That ends this edition of AINN!

Marcus Agrur

Marcus Agrur


MTS Impossibility Returns

Only two hours ago, the flying city MTS Impossibility returned from it's month-long voyage into the reaches of space, over a thousand lightyears away. It found two of all three habitable planets inhabited. The scientists brought information and photos, the crew brought experience, the rich people brought reviews, and the military brought nothing because the ship was not attacked.       Here are some of the photographs:

TBI-9-03 was the first planet visited. This planet was inhabited by sea creatures, however no intelligent life forms were found. There is very little land on this planet.      
TBI-9-01 was the second planet viseted. It was uninhabited, however. Unfortunately, it happened to be under constant bombardment of matter from the rings. This planet had no life whatsoever on it, probably due to the fact that the air is extremely toxic, as is the water.      
TBI-9-02 was the final planet visited. It was inhabited with sea creatures, plants, and land animals, as well as birds ranging from the size of a coin to the size of a car. This planet had mostly earth-like conditions. It also had intelligent creatures, with civilizations.

Above is a photograph of one of their cities, displaying their interesting architecture and culture. The two people in the picture are Meonesians that went on the voyage and visited this city.   Unfortunately, when photographers went to take pictures of the creatures, they destroyed the cameras. Meonesian scientists were eventually able to establish a basic communication with the creatures, as their language has yet to be deciphered.   Another voyage to this planet will be launched in July, and this will be for an entire 6 months (Orbis Standard Calendar).

Ekejen Luish

Ekejen Luish


News Blog: Post 8

Hello, and welcome to Hungadada News Service 24/7's News Blog. We will report the latest on the Imperial Republic of Hungadada on this blog.   26 years ago HNS 24/7 was founded with the principles of unbiased, factual news. We strive to bring you, the viewer (or the reader in this case), the most up-to-date news about Hungadada. That's why we were voted 'Most Trusted Major News Service' 24 times in a row!   Onwards with today's news!   BREAKING NEWS ALERTS:   BREAKING NEWS: Police Arrest ILO Sympathisers: Fort Granger police conducted an anti-terror raid which resulted in the arrest of 8 suspected ILO sympathisers. Among other incriminating evidence, plans to attack Amber Music Festival (average annual attendance: 92,000), and the Imperial Palace were found. Communications with suspicious persons were also discovered. The HBCI (Hungadada Bureau for Crime Investigation) has taken over the investigation, and intelligence has been sent to relevant authorities.
Hungadada is currently involved with 'Coalition Freedom', an anti-terror alliance which is combatting the ILO and terror in the Middle East.   OTHER NEWS:   CHEMICAL SPILL ON HR11: A truck laden with chemicals from Manufacturing Complex A3 was involved in a muli-vehicle collision at approximately 9:32PM. The accident, although well after rush hour, caused a 17km traffic jam, and also a chemical spill on the HR11 (Hungadada Road 11). DST's (Dangerous Substance Team) were sent to the site of the accident from Fort Hungadada. The chemicals, although not inherently dangerous, were a cause for concern. Luckily, the DST teams were able to clear up much of the chemicals on the road, and 2 out of 5 lanes were open. At a press conference DST leader John Mackenzie estimated that it would take another 3-5 hours to completely declare the area safe.   BRIDGE COLLAPSE IN AMBER: Steele J. Jones Bridge has collapsed following unrelenting weather and heavy snow in the city of Amber. The streets were empty at the time of the collapse. No one was hurt. City officials say that the bridge collapsed due to the weight of snow and ice on the cables and supports. An investigation is being conducted by the Ministry of Transportation. CEI predicts that this bout of strong weather will end on Sunday. 4 people have already died as a result of the weather.   PixoLight Stadium Re-Opened: Following renovations, Hungadada Falcons PixoLight Stadium was re-opened for sporting and public events. The renovation costed Lionsgate $30,000,000. The screens were changed. Seats were redesigned to be more comfortable. 3 new fanzines were built. Better crowd control features were added, along with new security measures. All lighting was replaced with energy efficient bulbs. The new lights are also more eye friendly. VIP Seating was redesigned to include a lounge, and a gourmet bar/restaurant. Overall, the stadium looks to have improved significantly.   That will end today's broadcast.

Meonesian Southwest Coast Contaminated

Water Contaminated on the Southwest Coast of Meonesia
Veswesten - The citizens were extremely alert when a state of emergency was called for all coastal cities and towns on the southwest coasts of Meonesia, and a warning issued to the remainder of Meonesia. A press conference was called, and it had been announced that Jartyuqal Nuclear Research Facility had detected alarmingly large amounts of radiation coming from the direction of the ocean. After further investigation, the water had been deemed fully contaminated along the coasts. Residents and visitors in the area have been advised to leave immediately until it is safe to return. After even more investigation, areas along the Veswesten River had been found to be contaminated as well. Although the cause is not fully known, it is suspected that it has come from the nuclear detonations in central America by the Order of Humanity. However, as stated, the cause is not known, and investigations will continue.

Ekejen Luish

Ekejen Luish


News Blog: Post 7

Hello, and welcome to Hungadada News Service 24/7's News Blog. We will report the latest on the Imperial Republic of Hungadada on this blog.

26 years ago HNS 24/7 was founded with the principles of unbiased, factual news. We strive to bring you, the viewer (or the reader in this case), the most up-to-date news about Hungadada. That's why we were voted 'Most Trusted Major News Service' 24 times in a row!      
Onwards with the news!

Hungadada-Thundera Relations Established: Earlier today, Minister of Foreign Affairs Daniel Jackson announced a new chapter in Hungadadian foreign relations. Behind the doors, Hungadada and Thundera established formal relations after announcing embassies for each other. Hungadada and Thundera both control much of the land on the Isles, and so relations are in order. There are unconfirmed rumours that an MDP may also be signed,

Hungadada-Dutch Relations Established: In another new chapter in Hungadadian foreign relations, Emperor Tristar Majestica announced that formal relations between Hungadada and the Netherlands have been established. Hungadada now has an embassy in Amsterdam, while the Netherlands has an embassy in Pory Royalty.

That will conclude today's broadcast.

News Blog: Post 6

Hello, and welcome to Hungadada News Service 24/7's News Blog. We will report the latest on the Imperial Republic of Hungadada on this blog.   26 years ago HNS 24/7 was founded with the principles of unbiased, factual news. We strive to bring you, the viewer (or the reader in this case), the most up-to-date news about Hungadada. That's why we were voted 'Most Trusted Major News Service' 24 times in a row!       Onwards with the news!   BREAKING NEWS: Australia-Hungadada MDOAP: Behind closed doors, the leaders of both nations signed an MDOAP treaty. This will solidify relations between Hungadada and Australia. His Majesty Emperor Tristar Majestica issued a short statement while taking the time to bash his critics:   "I was recently involved in discussions with my Australian counterpart. We discussed an MDOAP treaty. I can proudly announce today that the friendship between our two nations grows stronger with the signing of an MDOAP treaty. For my critics: an MDOAP treaty will not draw our nation into a war frenzy, so I advise you to stop bickering about such untrue things. The Australia-Hungadada MDOAP treaty will allow defense to flourish, as both our nations are now bound to protect each other when the need arises. Thank you."   His Majesty is currently in Australia for a meeting with coalition members.   BREAKING NEWS: Ministry of Internal Affairs Issues Arrest Warrant for General E.B. Magnus: The Ministry of the Interior has issued an arrest warrant for General E.B. Magnus. The General, who served as leader of the Imperial Hungadadian Army (IHA), was accused of treason, after confidential documents in his possession were leaked. The documents are said to have contained information about new systems being developed. Magnus has so far avoided arrest after police went to his home to arrest him. It is possible that Magnus has already escaped the country.   BREAKING NEWS: Minister of Economic Affairs to Resign: The Minister of Economic Affairs Laura James is set to resign in a few days amid an investigation by the government. The investigation in question concerns why $200,000,000 in funding was not accounted for. Several junior ministers have already come forward with evidence citing possible misuse of state funds.   BREAKING NEWS: Weather Warnings Issued in Amber and Gull: CEI (Climate and Environment Insitute) issued various weather warnings for the cities of Amber and Gull. High winds and blizzard-like weather are expected. All residents are advised to remain at home, and to listen to the CEI EWBS (Emergency Weather Broadcasting System) for updates. Disaster management crews are on standby, should local authorities deem an evacuation necessary.   That will conclude today's broadcast.

News Blog: Post 5

Hello, and welcome to Hungadada News Service 24/7's News Blog. We will report the latest on the Imperial Republic of Hungadada on this blog.

26 years ago HNS 24/7 was founded with the principles of unbiased, factual news. We strive to bring you, the viewer (or the reader in this case), the most up-to-date news about Hungadada. That's why we were voted 'Most Trusted Major News Service' 24 times in a row!  
Onwards with the news!

Ambassador Recalled: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced earlier today that the Ambassador to the PRCJ, Ambassador Luca Jones has been recalled following security issues in Japan. Although the security situation has been resolved, Ambassador Luca will not be returning to the Embassy until further notice.

Security Raids: Lionsgate police conducted "Security Raids" today. 16 people were arrested. Lionsgate Police Chief Johnny Fellow issued a statement at the press conference:

"Earlier today, special teams raided 2 houses, and 4 apartments in South Lionsgate. HIS notified our special ops team that said residences were being used for terror planning purposes. I can announce today that after meticulous planning by our special ops teams, 16 people were arrested. They are currently being processed, and their charges will be announced tomorrow. Among other things, contacts to suspicious persons in the Middle East, where anti-terror operations are ongoing, were recovered. HIS has been notified, along with the DSDH and Ministry of Foreign Affairs. We will keep you updated"

Question: "Was anything indicating an attack in Hungadada uncovered?"

Chief Fellow: "Sorry, I cannot comment on that matter."

That will end today's broadcast.

News Blog: Post 4

Hello and welcome to Hungadada News Service 24/7's News Blog. We will report the latest on the Imperial Republic of Hungadada on this blog.   26 years ago HNS 24/7 was founded with the principles of unbiased, factual news. We strive to bring you, the viewer (or the reader in this case), the most up-to-date news about Hungadada. That's why we were voted 'Most Trusted Major News Service' 24 times in a row!   Onwards with the news!   Passenger Plane Intercepted: We can now report that the passenger jet that was intercepted by IHAF S1 Squadron had been suffering from severe technical issues. At least, that is according to the Ministry of Transportation, who is investigating the case.   DSDH Director Bach issued the following statement   At approximately 8:13PM Orbis time, HA 442 entered Hungadadian airspace from the west. Air Traffic Control attempted to contact the plane in order to give it directions. HA 442 did not respond.   The Air Force also watches over Hungadadian airspace (through a program called HADS) and was concerned when it noticed HA 442 changing direction and heading for restricted airspace at around 8:16PM Orbis time. HADS immeadiatley notitied the S1 Squadron, and fighter jets were scrambled. The Emperor was briefed. HA 442 had now become a threat to national security.   IHAF planes sucessfully intercepted the aircraft at approximately 8:19PM UTC. Communications were attempted on all freqencies, to no avail. The pilots inside, seemed to be stressed, and moving frantically. They did not notice the two fighter jets beside them. Warning shots were fired at 8:23PM Orbis time. The pilots onboard HA 442 noticed, and were directed to land at Lionsgate Air Force Base. All 127 passengers and crew were security screened, and released.   At this time, the MoT is currently investigating. Although a severe technical fault is suspected, we ask that you not speculate the cause of this threat.   Thank you.  
EMM and Military Operation: His Majesty called an EMM yesterday. We speculated that the HA 442 event would have been the reason, however, the Emperor made a surpise announcement yesterday.   "I called an EMM today because I was alerted to the fact that one of our allies needed help in a fight. It was the fight against terror. Terrorism cannot continue to co-exist with civilised society, and therefore, Hungadada has vowed today, to help in the efforts to end these vile actions that ruin lives. I hereby announce Operation Good Riddance launched."   His Majesty also launched Operation Good Riddance, which will send a total of 14,000 troops to the Middle East to fight terror alongisde our allies. Tanks, an aircraft carrier, aircraft, and special forces are all being mobilised. These will all be sent after compuslory military excerises are complete tomorrow. According to a senior member inside the Palace, HIS (Hungadadian Intelligence Service) has also been placed on high alert, and is reviewing protocols on intelligence collection andsharing, and terrorisim prevention.   That will end today's broadcast.

News Blog: Post 3

Hello and welcome to Hungadada News Service 24/7's News Blog. We will report the latest on the Imperial Republic of Hungadada on this blog.     26 years ago HNS 24/7 was founded with the principles of unbiased, factual news. We strive to bring you, the viewer (or the reader in this case), the most up-to-date news about Hungadada. That's why we were voted 'Most Trusted Major News Service' 24 times in a row!   Onwards with the news:   BREAKING NEWS: We are just getting word that fighter jets from the IHAF S1 sqadron have intercepted a passenger plane in Hungadadian airspace. It is currently unknown why this jet was intercepted. S1 planes are sent up only when a national security is at risk.   BREAKING NEWS: According to an Imperial Palace spokesperson an Emergency Ministry Meeting (EMM) has been scheduled. It is unclear as to why an EMM has been called. EMM's are only called during matters of serious consequence and have only been called 14 times in our history. A convoy of vehicles, presumably carrying the ministers has just entered the palace. It is fully possible that the EMM is a result of the interception of the passenger jet by IHAF S1

Channel 7 News Edition #2

Breaking News: Australia joins SEACO
The Australian Secretary of Commerce and President Lucia signed the SEACO Agreement which will allow the Australian Government to join SEACO. The President calls this a great and huge achievement, which will open 2.3 Million jobs by 2010 and will increase the Australian GDP by 3.4% by December. The Department of Commerce and Department of State called this signing a major win for the future of Australia. However, the Department of Defense was sent a notice by the SEACO Headquarters in Bangkok that it would need to be able to field an army much bigger than its current size as well as increasing its defense spending from 1.3% to 3.6% by 2013. The Conservative Party has been hammering this agreement and calling it the End of Australia. The recent Referendum to join and be a part of the United Accords   Breaking News: Planned Terrorist Attack
The Royal Australian Central Intelligence Service yesterday apprehended 3 suspects whom were assumed to be planning a new wave of terror attacks. A spokesman for the Royal Australian Central Intelligence Service in a CIS press release said that "3 Suspects were captured by the RACIS and were discovered in the planned attacking of Educational institutes across Australia. The Royal Armed Forces have been notified alongside the Educational Defense Force. Measure are being taken to help protect and safeguard educational institutes in the Commonwealth. Some parents have begun to say they do not feel their child's safety is being met, with Parent unions forming on the issue of security   Current News: The Educational Self Defense Force begins to operate
The newly formed Royal Educational Self-Defense Force commemorated the launch of 250 bases with 450 planned bases. With funding from various nations, private donors, and government funds. The ESDF has been able to launch, with the schools reopening around the corner, we can rest assured our children's safety is being met. Secretary of Homeland Security Frank Leopard has said that "This is a big change in the Australian Nation. We must adapt and change, with the ESDF being criticized for militarizing schools. The Australian Government will not stand idle whilst our future is threatened. We will not allow the future of our nation to be brought up in a world of fear and hate. I myself have 2 children, and everyday I worry if I will be able to walk my daughter down the isle, or take her to soccer practice. Whether my son comes home every night and I can kiss him goodnight if I can wake up every morning to their screams and tantrums. But I am placing my faith in the ESDF. The question is, will you!   Current News: The Royal Armed Forces captures Head of the Islamic Liberation Organization of Syria
The Royal Australiana Armed Forces has Captured Khalid ibn Arabia. This is the biggest capture of ILO operational heads. The Australian Government has called this a great win and warns other ILO leaders that their time is ticking. The International institute of commerce has said that ILO has lost over 2 billion$ in revenue due to airstrikes on their Oil refineries and their forces being occupied by "the current war with Australia" with them calling on Muslims in Australia to join the jihad. The Islamic Society of Sydney has released a video saying that "We will not join the fake Muslims on something that is not Islam and Jihad. And says that this is not true Islam and that the ILO propaganda is not working


[Announcer] Welcome to this special edition of the Meonesian National Post...   [Anchor 1] Hello, and welcome to the Meonesian National Post TV Network.   [Anchor 2] It's 6:55 am here in Meonesia, for those of you watching abroad. We bring this special edition to all of you, because in only five minutes, the MTS Impossibility, the flying city, the biggest flying craft ever made by Meonesia, and one of the biggest moving objects ever made by humans, will be launching.   [Anchor 1] We take you now to Altim Uyraq, covering this exciting moment.   [uyraq] Thank you, and welcome. Behind me is the official countdown timer for launch, which is T-4:32 and continuing to count down. Now, this will actually be only the third time a Meonesian craft will have launched into space.   [Mission control] Tee minus four minutes remaining.   [uyraq] Yes, as you heard, only four minutes until this giant disk you see in front of you will launch. Now, I've got some notes from the heads of Project Indespaqet, including Altim Indespaqet, who was on about 45 minutes earlier, but anyway... The MTS Impossibility will be traveling to a system where they have found three planets that could possibly sustain life. This system is about 1,923 light years away... there was an error in the last P.I. post, it turns out the ship will be going over 78,018 times the speed of light. So, it will take about 9 days to get there, they'll spend six days at each of the three planets... and then come home. The journey will take about 36 days or so.   [Mission control] Tee minus three minutes remaining.   [uyraq] Wow, it's just so exciting to be here on this historic moment. Now, after the ship takes off, it will head for the Bermuda Triangle, where a "wrinkle" in spacetime was discovered. It will then shoot off towards the system, the TBeWY-Prime System.   [Mission control] Tee minus two minutes remaining.   [uyraq] Alright, and now, only two minutes remaining. We have a quick call with main pilot Vaqal Meqrast.   [Vaqal] Hello! Hello, everyone.   [uyraq] So, two minutes remaining. Are you... scared? At all?   [Vaqal] Between you and me, I'm always scared.   [uyraq] You are on national-- no, international television.   [Vaqal] Right, exactly. But about the flight, I am quite scared. No object of this size has ever flown through the Bermuda Triangle Wrinkle. And, to be fair, no object has entered and came back. Although it is nice to know the cause of the mystery of the Triangle.   [Mission control] Tee minus one minute remaining.   [Vaqal] Sorry, but that's all the time I have. We're leaving in a minute, you know. Heh, heh.   [uyraq] Well, thank you Vaqal, and good luck, to all of you.   [Mission control] Tee minus fourty-five seconds remaining.   [uyraq] 45 seconds...   [Mission control] Tee minus thirty seconds remaining.   [Other mission control person] All systems check.   [Person in ship] All systems are go.   [Other mission control person] Activate launch pad sound suppression system.   [Mission control] Tee minus fifteen seconds remaining.   [Person in ship] Activated.   [Other mission control person] Final rockets check. All rockets go?   [Person in ship] Affirmative.   [Mission control] Tee minus ten seconds... nine... eight... seven...   [Other mission control person] Ground launch sequencer is go for Main Engine start.   [Mission control] Six... five... four... three...   [Other mission control person] All engines start.   [Mission control] Two... one...   [Other mission control person] Engines ignition.   [Mission control] Zero!   [Other mission control person] Liftoff!   *Bottom of ship suddenly erupts as engines shoot the ship upward*   [Other mission control person] All engines status?   [Another mission control person] All engines functioning.   [some other mission control person] Begin rotation.   [Yet another mission control person] Rotation is go.   *Ship begins turning back down and becomes level with the ground as it heads for the Bermuda Triangle*   [uyraq] Alright, and we're going to go to Paul Luaq who's near the Wrinkle.   *Ship suddenly shoots at full speed and in a few seconds vanishes into the horizon*   [Paul] Thank you... the ship is going to be approaching soon, and when it does, here's what'll happen. It'll shoot at full speed towards the wrinkle, then it'll make a quick manuever at the right time. It'll begin going upwards, but it'll only go up a few feet before it's momentum continues to pull it towards the wrinkle, where it'll vanish and shoot up at over 70 thousand times the speed of light. And hey, there it is now!   *Ship appears off horizon, and in only a few seconds is in front of the camera. It makes the manuever as he says, before suddeenly disappearing in a huge blast of light*   [Paul] Alright, well now we're going to go to mission control.   [Mission control person] SUCCESS!   *Everybody in the mission control jumps up and cheers and stuff*   [Anchor 1] Well, as you heard, the jump to hyperlightspeed was a success! Computers on board sent a message milliseconds after the jump, and it just arrived... it was a success. The city in the stars... is now in the stars.   [Anchor 2] Not literally, of course. We don't want it actually in a star.   [Mission control woman] Success party at my dad's place!

Ekejen Luish

Ekejen Luish


News Blog: Post 2

Hello and welcome to Hungadada News Service 24/7's News Blog. We will report the latest on the Imperial Republic of Hungadada on this blog.  
26 years ago HNS 24/7 was founded with the principles of unbiased, factual news. We strive to bring you, the viewer (or the reader in this case), the most up-to-date news about Hungadada. That's why we were voted 'Most Trusted Major News Service' 24 times in a row!

Onwards with today's news!

Live-Fire Military Exercises take place in Hungadada:

Today marked the first day of Exercise Homeland, a full live-fire military exercise created to test the military's response to an invasion of the homeland. All branches of the military were used, with IHNS Bravo making her debut appearance. The exercises are also an opportunity to test out some of the new technology developed by the military. New smart missiles and smart bombs were tested, along with lightweight-heavy-protection body armour. For the first time, His Majesty also played an active role, commanding troops and equipment alongside his generals. HNS 24/7 got an exclusive short interview with Sir Aaron Bach, Director of the DSDH (Department for Security and Defense Hungadada):

HNS 24/7"How will these exercises help the nation?"

Director Bach: These exercises will simulate an invasion of Hungadada, and thus will help our troops prepare for this scenario should it happen. Exercise Homeland provides a stressful, realistic simulation of what an actual invasion may look like. When these excerises are practiced, it shows our new recruits what is expected of them, and provides a refresher for the older service members. Should the worst happen, at least we are prepared. We also look to use new technology developed by our defense partners.

HNS 24/7 "What are the latest technologies that the DSDH has implemented in this exercise?"

Director Bach: Among other things, our defense partners and the R&D facilities have developed new armor for our ground troops. The armour is lightweight, yet extremely tough, and is able to repair itself over time. We've also begun using smart missiles and bombs, which can be targeted to their location with high precsion.
The airforce is experimenting with new flight management controls as well. So yeah, we've been doing a lot. That's just some of the stuff we've been experimenting with.

HNS 24/7 "Do you think that the worst will ever happen?"

Director Bach: Well, no one can say for sure. It doesn't look like it'll happen, but if it does, we'll be ready.  
In other news:

The HSEA (Hungadada Space Exploration Agency) says that it has recieved various new sigals from a mysterious source in the universe. It says that a signal sent out 40 years ago has been replied to. Experts are currently examining the new signals for authenticity, and are expected to do a press conference in a few days. The HSEA says it has notifed relevant authorities, including His Majesty and asks that people not speculate, as that could lead to false rumours.

Hungadada has had a long history of possible alien signals, with at least 35 return signals recorded. None of those signals were authentic. The public back then were prone to misinformation, and in one instance, all can foods in Amber, ran out because of speculation that an alien invasion was coming.  
That will end todays news segment.

Joint Chief press release

........The Australian Government has been able to confirm that ground troops have occupied a portion the Israeli/Lebanese zone. Local life has not been tampered with, Australian Troops have been situated 3km outside of Beruit. Airstrikes from Chernigov airbases are continuing till December 31st of which a new contract will need to be made. Our two governments are in constant talk over the issue, with Chernigovan delegates being exceptionally kind.   Joint Chief- Well I will be returning to the Hexagon, all questions can be diverted to Hexagon spokeswoman Haily.   John- What are the ground units doing in the Middle East, aren't they suppose to be in Cyprus?   Haily- The 3rd Royal Army is headquartered in Cyprus but 4 Detachments roughly 20,000 are in the IL Zone. They are being tasked with running patrols/missions.   Kelly- Isn't that news classified and be used by the Terrorists?   Haily- The Australian Armed Forces has deemed that intel de-classified, and no. We said 20,000 troops but they could range from Defense Force-Royal Marines- Special Forces. Not to mention the Tanks and armour there, so any attack on that base would be futile.   Johnson- Has there any talks between the Arabian Government and the Australian Government?   Haily- No there has not been any talks, we have received complaints and other threats but not formal talks.   Kelly- Could you specify on threat?   Haily- That would be a question towards the Department of State Press release.   Johnson- Has Arabia offered assistance, or asked for these attacks to stop?   Haily- As I have stated, other than complaints and threats no, we have not received any other formal or offer of talks by the Arabian Government.   Kelly- Has there been any talks over a formation of a Coalition?   Haily- No there has not been any talks over the formation of a Coalition. However we have had talks with Dutch and Hungadan officials about the Operation.   John- Is there a possibility?   Haily- At this time no.   Kelly- There was a recent report that Chernigov forces are also operating in that zone?   Haily- No, we do not have any intel or reports that a Chernigov army is in the Middle East however their defense and security is their own matter and one that is not always consulted with our Government.   Haily- That is all we have for today, thank you.

GBC News Express

Goand has established two new cities: Arrantilla and Garja.   Parliament has been dissolved by the President; elections to happen one month from now, earth time.   Details tomorrow.

Peter Quill

Peter Quill


Channel 7 News Edition 1

Top Story The Education Self Defense Force is activated   The Conservative Party has been able to sign in the ESDF Bill which creates a separate unit under the command of the Department of Homeland Security. The unit is tasked protecting Educational Buildings in the Commonwealth of Australia. Labour Party president Lucia Martinez signed the bill late last night stating "I have heard from Senators and Members of Parliment from the Max Party to the Conservative Party that security in schools is the top priority and that students and families are scared to send their children to school due to recent and future terror attacks. President Lucia has stated, "It is not a time to be in fear, but a time to show unity, not to spread hate." Some critics have called President Lucia "cuddling with the Conservative Party, as she has been very lenient with the Conservative Party, she has responded by saying that "it is a time to show strength and unity, not to be squabbling and show political unrest. We must work in the interest of the people, not our parties or our political donors.   Breaking News: First Australian Casualty in Operation Blight   The nation was in sorrow as Captain Hendrick Adams body was returned to the nation in a coffin. Captain Adams marks the First Australian casualty with the current war in the Middle East. General Muhammad has sent a letter of condolence and has spoken with the family over the internet. The family has said "Hendrick did what he loved, and wanted to serve his nation. We have no regret neither does he, we are happy he died doing what he loved. As well as thanking General Muhammad for his letter and call via skype"   The Department of Defense has released this press statement "The Royal Scotts Battalion in Southern Syria was on a routine patrol when an IED hit the lead vehicle, and injured all four occupants. 2 in critical conditions, Captain Adams, and his squadron began to fend off the Ambush, the Squadron called in an air support, in which nearby Chernigovan helicopters arrived to assist the unit. Captain Hendricks was shot 3 times in the back whilst retreating to the Chernigov convoy. We send our deepest condolences to the family of Captain Adam's may he and his family be in all our prayers   Political News: Conservatives clash with Labours
Amid the new referendum to join the United Accords Conservatives have been campaigning furiously against the agreements. Police can confirm some riots and fights between Conservatives and Labours. The Referendum is set to take place in 24 hours. One of the fastest in Australian history.   Military News:
The Royal Airforce can confirm Airstrikes outside of the Arabian border causing outrage by the Ambassador from Arabia who has warned against future operations without Arabian approval. Air Marshal Eric has not commented.

Some late news...


Abzu Quat's Theory of Acceleration Beyond the Speed of Light due to Spacetime Errors was proven successful in October. Explanation: Large objects (i.e. the Moon, Earth, Mars, the Sun, etc.) can drastically affect spacetime. However, naturally, errors can occur; It is more common on larger objects. It is due, though this is not entirely confirmed as the reason, to a random event in which molecules form together in a specific pattern which causes a strange effect in spacetime. Objects traveling at a high enough velocity will be able to go between these "wrinkles" and rapidly accelerate to, depending on conditions and the mass of the object entering, and many other factors, up to 1,000,000 times the speed of light (though this is extremely unlikely as there is only one object in the universe known that could produce the correct conditions for this). With the current plan for the MTS Impossibility, the ship will be able to go at about 13,000 times the speed of light. This can be extremely dangerous, however in the likely event that it works, we will be able to reach our destination in about 9 orbis days.   CURRENT VOYAGE   Currently, the voyage path for the MTS Impossibility will take about one month to complete (slightly more, possibly). Three planets will be visited. Thanks to recently developed technology, all three have the possibility of harboring life, although we do not know yet, and won't until we visit them. The MTS Impossibility will leave through the Bermuda Triangle, which contains a small "wrinkle", and will allow the ship to visit the planets and study them.

Ekejen Luish

Ekejen Luish


Airstrikes on the Islamic Liberation Organization

The Royal Australian Airforce has been pounding ILO positions all week. The Royal Parliment had voted and agreed to the Acting-Presidents request for the Declaration of War.   The Royal Australian Airforce has confirmed that it has striked over 134 different positions with airstrikes every 30 minutes. The 3rd Royal Army under the command of General Muhammad has set camp in Cyprus with Commander Hawkeye being in Chernigov to coordinate with the General.   General Muhammad has said that "I am confident we will eliminate the ILO Presence at home and aboard. We have been blessed with the grace of Allah. We will eradicate those who use the name of Allah in the wrong way. We will show what true Islam is.   The Central Intelligence Service has confirmed that the Royal Australian Seal team has captured 3 HVTs   Jacob Mikles
Khalil Masranai
Marayam Leopard   They have had connection to the Islamic liberation army and the Free People of Oceania.

News Blog: Post 1

Hello and welcome to the premiere for Hungadada News Service 24/7's News Blog. We will report the latest updates on the Imperial Republic of Hungadada on this blog.   26 years ago HNS 24/7 was founded with the principles of unbiased, factual news. We strive to bring you, the viewer (or the reader in this case), the most up-to-date news about Hungadada. That's why we were voted 'Most Trusted Major News Service' 24 times in a row!   And so we begin with some news regarding His Royal Highness Emperor Tristar Majestica:   Hungadadian Emperor Tristar Majestica returns to the Imperial Palace after a long stint aboard multifunctional navy vessel IHNS Direct. The Emperor was evacuated earlier last month as part of a state of emergency in Port Royalty. The Imperial Palace underwent a major renovation, and a palace official informed us that much of the renovation was for better security. Already we can see more stringent security measures, with the road in front of the palace and behind the palace closed permanently to the public.   A palace official also assured us that the costs of the renovation were taken into consideration, and would not exceed $5 million. The Emperor is scheduled to deliver a press conference later tomorrow.   In other news:   Minister of the Economy James Laura says that the new Manufacturing Complex A3 has begun production. No issues were reported, and the fully automated factory looks to be going to plan. It will produce a variety of things, including robots, cars, planes, and classified equipment for the military. Minister James also said that the factory was open to foreign orders.   That will end this blog post.

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