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Channel 7 News Edition #2

Prince Hunter of Bavaria




Breaking News: Australia joins SEACO
The Australian Secretary of Commerce and President Lucia signed the SEACO Agreement which will allow the Australian Government to join SEACO. The President calls this a great and huge achievement, which will open 2.3 Million jobs by 2010 and will increase the Australian GDP by 3.4% by December. The Department of Commerce and Department of State called this signing a major win for the future of Australia. However, the Department of Defense was sent a notice by the SEACO Headquarters in Bangkok that it would need to be able to field an army much bigger than its current size as well as increasing its defense spending from 1.3% to 3.6% by 2013. The Conservative Party has been hammering this agreement and calling it the End of Australia. The recent Referendum to join and be a part of the United Accords


Breaking News: Planned Terrorist Attack
The Royal Australian Central Intelligence Service yesterday apprehended 3 suspects whom were assumed to be planning a new wave of terror attacks. A spokesman for the Royal Australian Central Intelligence Service in a CIS press release said that "3 Suspects were captured by the RACIS and were discovered in the planned attacking of Educational institutes across Australia. The Royal Armed Forces have been notified alongside the Educational Defense Force. Measure are being taken to help protect and safeguard educational institutes in the Commonwealth. Some parents have begun to say they do not feel their child's safety is being met, with Parent unions forming on the issue of security


Current News: The Educational Self Defense Force begins to operate
The newly formed Royal Educational Self-Defense Force commemorated the launch of 250 bases with 450 planned bases. With funding from various nations, private donors, and government funds. The ESDF has been able to launch, with the schools reopening around the corner, we can rest assured our children's safety is being met. Secretary of Homeland Security Frank Leopard has said that "This is a big change in the Australian Nation. We must adapt and change, with the ESDF being criticized for militarizing schools. The Australian Government will not stand idle whilst our future is threatened. We will not allow the future of our nation to be brought up in a world of fear and hate. I myself have 2 children, and everyday I worry if I will be able to walk my daughter down the isle, or take her to soccer practice. Whether my son comes home every night and I can kiss him goodnight if I can wake up every morning to their screams and tantrums. But I am placing my faith in the ESDF. The question is, will you!


Current News: The Royal Armed Forces captures Head of the Islamic Liberation Organization of Syria
The Royal Australiana Armed Forces has Captured Khalid ibn Arabia. This is the biggest capture of ILO operational heads. The Australian Government has called this a great win and warns other ILO leaders that their time is ticking. The International institute of commerce has said that ILO has lost over 2 billion$ in revenue due to airstrikes on their Oil refineries and their forces being occupied by "the current war with Australia" with them calling on Muslims in Australia to join the jihad. The Islamic Society of Sydney has released a video saying that "We will not join the fake Muslims on something that is not Islam and Jihad. And says that this is not true Islam and that the ILO propaganda is not working



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