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  1. Do you even know what a penguin sounds like? Our chirps are laconic- rare soundbytes that convey the weight and gravitas of a species in its ascendancy. When a penguin speaks, all will heed. Ask anyone and they know how a pigeon sounds. Their ceaseless cooing carries no weight- it is as ephemeral as their influence over Orbis. You may squawk all you like, but even a pigeon cannot outfly its downfall.
  2. We seem to remember things very differently. As for the discussion on what constitutes a feathered rat, I believe that moniker has been proven to only befit a pigeon. Buorhann's Ostrich would be more of an avian giraffe- gangly, clumsy, and much too tall to be wholesome.
  3. It appears that once again the Master-Fowl has been snubbed by its inferiors by not being included in this magnificent tally. This offense has been noted, and we will have our vengeance. Edit: WHAT DESPICABLE SUB-FOWL DECREED THAT THE PIGEON WAS THE BIGGEST BIRD? Main Husband: Partisan, forever and alwaysAdditional 3 Husbands: Roz, Buorhann, probably theNGYour (in-game or real) Gender (optional): PenguinReasons (optional): Can’t pick Fraggle, Partisan is goals, Roz is an honorary penguin, and the hippo and pigeon are as worthy adversaries as the Nestingland can find.
  4. Forgive me for having to doff my fashy-penguin hat, but I’ve been harboring the same fears about the direction of this game for a while now. When I popped over from NS, this place was thriving with all sorts of prime shitposters and interesting drama. Wars were quick and constant, and a great source of RP for a political satire-based nation like my own. Now, I barely even check into the forum beyond once every two weeks or so. Wars are colossal, rare, and long- I finally got back to prewar specs just a fee weeks ago from a war that occurred this spring, and I fiddle around daily on this game. I’m running out of prime RP fuel, and whenever I do get anything it devolves into a few placid speeches about rebuilding that stretch over the next three months. I have half a mind to call for all-out war, an Orbis-wide ragnarok that would eradicate the moronic circlejerk that we call the treaty web, topple the bloated colossi that are the top alliances, and render this game into a blank slate that we can rebuild upon. We won’t see such a fitting end, of this I am certain. PW appears to already be on the way to fading into the ash-heap of virtual history, and without such a colorful cast of players and constant war to breathe fresh life into its veins, I fear there is nothing we can do.
  5. Please stand by, for a word from our Bird-Emperor: Failure to Respond to State Salutes is a Terminable Offense! Failure to Meet State-Mandated Work Quotas is a Terminable Offense! Failure to Report Even-Speckled Eggs is a Terminable Offense!
  6. As much as I loathe to ally my thoughts with that of a hippo, it seems we are in agreement. As an alliance championing peace throughout Orbis, it will most likely be filled with prime Herringsraum, and will be monitored with interest.
  7. OBEY. WADDLE. PROSPER Please stand by, for a word from our Bird-Emperor: Failure to respond to state salutes is a terminable offense! Failure to report for reconstruction detail is a terminable offense! Failure to fulfill chirp quota is a terminable offense!
  8. OBEY. WADDLE. PROSPER. The Nestingland of Krakke Please stand by, for a word from our Emperor-Penguin: Victory Through Unity! Dissent Is A Terminable Offense! Avenge Nestinghausen: Work Quotas Have Been Tripled Until Further Notice! Senary Reserves Have Been Activated: Report To Your Nearest War Nest Today! One Nest. One Fowl. One Emperor-Penguin!
  9. What fresh horror is this? It is understandable that there would be some sub-fowl empires found throughout the entirety of Orbis, but to stumble across such a horrific amalgamation of all that the Nestingland despises is an insight that has shaken me to my core.
  10. OBEY. WADDLE. PROSPER. Please stand by, for a word from our Bird-Emperor: Failure to Respond to State Salutes is a Terminable Offense! Quaternary Reserves Have Been Activated: Report Immediately or Face Pecking Squads! Avenge New Nootstadt: Work Quotas Have Been Tripled Until Further Notice!
  11. As the onslaught of exam season (along with an in-game war most glorious) has no doubt buried us all these last few weeks, I bid each and every one of you to take a moment of your time to notice that today, 25 April, is World Penguin Day. As such, I felt I would be in complete remiss if I was unable to somehow find a way to celebrate its being. Fin Hail
  12. 7:35 Central Krakkian Time The Plaza of Heroes was in shambles. Rubble and refuse littered what once was concrete and cobblestone. The towering Icon of the Nest laid toppled across the street, entwined with the enemy jet that smashed it down. Bodies littered the street, both Fowl and not. Finleader Leddie stumbled across the plaza, his breath rasping as he pushed himself onward. His uniform was torn, bloody, and his officer's cap was long gone. Hearing the low whine of enemy aircraft, Leddie ducked under what was once the beak of the Icon. As the squadron of fighters screamed overhead, Leddie squeezed his fin tighter over the tape canister. Breathing hard through the nares in his beak in an attempt to catch his breath, Leddie unholstered his service pistol and waited for his opening. With as much energy as he could muster, the King penguin slid free of his cover, and sped towards the Nest bunker on the other side of the plaza. The great steel doors were blown ajar, and as he sped through he heard the guttural cry of the enemy from across the plaza. They had found him, he had to hurry. And they had brought dogs. Reaching the control room, Leddie forced the door shut behind him. Stepping over dead technicians, Leddie pushed aside a dead chinstrap from the launch panel. Lifting the solution coverplate, Leddie tore the top of the tape canister free and began feeding the firing solution into the computer. Footfalls louder than any penguin sounded from the corridor, and Leddie cursed the ponderous machine. As he heard the door grate open, the panel weapon gauge flickered from safe to armed. As the ignition panel unlocked and opened, Leddie saw the hound leap into the control room. Easily the size of an Emperor-Penguin, the beast bounded towards Leddie's hiding place. Leddie fired his service pistol, the weapon's roar deafening in the enclosed space. As the beast dropped, another rushed in. Slamming his fin down on the control panel's ignition button, Leddie heard the silo within the bunker grind to life. As he raised his service weapon to fire at the second hound, the beast hit him full in the chest, tackling him to the ground and seizing his arm in its jaws. Squawking in rage, the King penguin leveled the pistol at the beasts temple, the resulting shot coating Leddie in gore and pinning him underneath the dog. Something small and metal bounced off the control panel, and landed beside Leddie's head. As Leddie's ears registered the weapon boosters ignite within the nuclear silo, his eyes also registered that the item beside his head was a live grenade. OBEY. WADDLE. PROSPER. Please stand by, for a word from our Bird-Emperor: Failure to Respond to State Orders is a Terminable Offense! Failure to Respond to State Salutes is a Terminable Offense! Failure to Wear Party Finbands is a Terminable Offense!
  13. War begets Strife. Strife begets Strength. Only by wiping the slate clean of weakness, do we truly usher in a new age of prosperity. Let us cast this age of timorousness into the crucible of war, and bring forth an age of splendor, quenched in the blood of heroes. can we fight please now im tired of waiting and need something to roleplay about.
  14. Such assumptions ring as weak as the society that finds it prudent to dedicate a day to infant sub-fowl.
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