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News Blog: Post 8

Emperor Tristar Majestica



Hello, and welcome to Hungadada News Service 24/7's News Blog. We will report the latest on the Imperial Republic of Hungadada on this blog.


26 years ago HNS 24/7 was founded with the principles of unbiased, factual news. We strive to bring you, the viewer (or the reader in this case), the most up-to-date news about Hungadada. That's why we were voted 'Most Trusted Major News Service' 24 times in a row!


Onwards with today's news!




BREAKING NEWS: Police Arrest ILO Sympathisers: Fort Granger police conducted an anti-terror raid which resulted in the arrest of 8 suspected ILO sympathisers. Among other incriminating evidence, plans to attack Amber Music Festival (average annual attendance: 92,000), and the Imperial Palace were found. Communications with suspicious persons were also discovered. The HBCI (Hungadada Bureau for Crime Investigation) has taken over the investigation, and intelligence has been sent to relevant authorities.
Hungadada is currently involved with 'Coalition Freedom', an anti-terror alliance which is combatting the ILO and terror in the Middle East.




CHEMICAL SPILL ON HR11: A truck laden with chemicals from Manufacturing Complex A3 was involved in a muli-vehicle collision at approximately 9:32PM. The accident, although well after rush hour, caused a 17km traffic jam, and also a chemical spill on the HR11 (Hungadada Road 11). DST's (Dangerous Substance Team) were sent to the site of the accident from Fort Hungadada. The chemicals, although not inherently dangerous, were a cause for concern. Luckily, the DST teams were able to clear up much of the chemicals on the road, and 2 out of 5 lanes were open. At a press conference DST leader John Mackenzie estimated that it would take another 3-5 hours to completely declare the area safe.


BRIDGE COLLAPSE IN AMBER: Steele J. Jones Bridge has collapsed following unrelenting weather and heavy snow in the city of Amber. The streets were empty at the time of the collapse. No one was hurt. City officials say that the bridge collapsed due to the weight of snow and ice on the cables and supports. An investigation is being conducted by the Ministry of Transportation. CEI predicts that this bout of strong weather will end on Sunday. 4 people have already died as a result of the weather.


PixoLight Stadium Re-Opened: Following renovations, Hungadada Falcons PixoLight Stadium was re-opened for sporting and public events. The renovation costed Lionsgate $30,000,000. The screens were changed. Seats were redesigned to be more comfortable. 3 new fanzines were built. Better crowd control features were added, along with new security measures. All lighting was replaced with energy efficient bulbs. The new lights are also more eye friendly. VIP Seating was redesigned to include a lounge, and a gourmet bar/restaurant. Overall, the stadium looks to have improved significantly.


That will end today's broadcast.


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