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  1. I feel like 12 MAPs might be too much. Maybe double the normal amount the MAPs to launch the attack?
  2. This is an idea I floated around as a sort of compromise between having nukes kill units versus just killing infrastructure. What if whenever you launched an attack, you could choose to attach a nuclear warhead to that attack to enhance the attack by x1.5 or something like that? The attack would consume a warhead and cause the radiation index to increase. Various projects and war policies can impact the effectiveness of your nuclear force multiplier or your opponents' nukes.
  3. Salted Bombs? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Salted_bomb
  4. Pineapple pizza is an international conspiracy to dismantle Western democracy and civilization. It was created to infiltrate and destroy cultures from within. Do your part in stopping this menace and uphold Cheese-Pizzaism. Destroy the heretical pineapple pizzas! Long live the Cheese Pizza master race!
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