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News Blog: Post 6

Emperor Tristar Majestica



Hello, and welcome to Hungadada News Service 24/7's News Blog. We will report the latest on the Imperial Republic of Hungadada on this blog.


26 years ago HNS 24/7 was founded with the principles of unbiased, factual news. We strive to bring you, the viewer (or the reader in this case), the most up-to-date news about Hungadada. That's why we were voted 'Most Trusted Major News Service' 24 times in a row!




Onwards with the news!


BREAKING NEWS: Australia-Hungadada MDOAP: Behind closed doors, the leaders of both nations signed an MDOAP treaty. This will solidify relations between Hungadada and Australia. His Majesty Emperor Tristar Majestica issued a short statement while taking the time to bash his critics:


"I was recently involved in discussions with my Australian counterpart. We discussed an MDOAP treaty. I can proudly announce today that the friendship between our two nations grows stronger with the signing of an MDOAP treaty. For my critics: an MDOAP treaty will not draw our nation into a war frenzy, so I advise you to stop bickering about such untrue things. The Australia-Hungadada MDOAP treaty will allow defense to flourish, as both our nations are now bound to protect each other when the need arises. Thank you."


His Majesty is currently in Australia for a meeting with coalition members.


BREAKING NEWS: Ministry of Internal Affairs Issues Arrest Warrant for General E.B. Magnus: The Ministry of the Interior has issued an arrest warrant for General E.B. Magnus. The General, who served as leader of the Imperial Hungadadian Army (IHA), was accused of treason, after confidential documents in his possession were leaked. The documents are said to have contained information about new systems being developed. Magnus has so far avoided arrest after police went to his home to arrest him. It is possible that Magnus has already escaped the country.


BREAKING NEWS: Minister of Economic Affairs to Resign: The Minister of Economic Affairs Laura James is set to resign in a few days amid an investigation by the government. The investigation in question concerns why $200,000,000 in funding was not accounted for. Several junior ministers have already come forward with evidence citing possible misuse of state funds.


BREAKING NEWS: Weather Warnings Issued in Amber and Gull: CEI (Climate and Environment Insitute) issued various weather warnings for the cities of Amber and Gull. High winds and blizzard-like weather are expected. All residents are advised to remain at home, and to listen to the CEI EWBS (Emergency Weather Broadcasting System) for updates. Disaster management crews are on standby, should local authorities deem an evacuation necessary.


That will conclude today's broadcast.

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