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GBC News: Elections Underway in Goand

Peter Quill



GBC News

News from Goand.



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Elections Underway in Goand


Frand, Goand-

Elections have recently started in Goand, a country that most pundits have agreed has been neglect at the hands of the Partido Conserbatibo (Conservative Party), with numerous raids by renegade nations, multiple alliance changes, a disastrous isolationist policy that has seen left Goand's foreign involment (which used to be high) at an all-time low (it is said that the Prime Minister, Helena Stratsberg, does not get briefed as much on foreign issues as her predecessor, Dylan Pascua). Multiple vote-of-no-confidence motions from the opposition Social Democratic Party have been blocked by the ruling Conservatives, to the chagrin of most opposition parties and even some Conservative MPs, a faction of the party known as the Wild Childs, led by Frederico Canto, a former Defence Minister. The group has threatened multiple times to bolt out of the party to join the more right-wing Bagong Goand (New Goand) party. Anna Fredericson, one of the MPs who represents Allo township in Bucidnon-Alsacoff, explained their opposition to Stratsberg. 'We don't want some idiot running the country', she said in Filipino.

While the Conservatives were mired in infighting, the Social Democrats and another minority party, the Centrist Liberal Party, have been relatively stable. The Social Democrats, headed once again by former Prime Minister Dylan Pascua, are in fighting form once again, after a few years of their own problems. Pascua, who is now 46, hopes to take back control of Parliament. 'The Conservatives have consistently shown that they are unable to form a united front to serve the people of Goand', he answered in an ambush interview near his house in Adlon. The Centrist Liberal Party, a relatively new party, have also had a strong showing in recent polls, have also been relatively stable. Led by Stennis Rickbourg, son of notorious hotelier Jacques Rickbourg, they have presented themselves as a moderate alternative to the two traditional parties. Other parties registered for elections is the far-left-wing Communist Party of Goand, the right-wing Partido Bagong Goand (New Goand Party), the classical liberal Libertarian Party, and the fascist New Unity Party.



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