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Channel 7 News Edition 3

Prince Hunter of Bavaria



Coalition News


The Coalition was happy to sign Sweden into the coalition, but things took a twist after Chernigov has also begun the process to join The Coalition. Secretary General Muhammad has called this an unexpected turn of events, With Damascus in our hands, we are one step closer to peace in the middle east.


(This is just coming in, San Florence has also begun its process to join The Coalition)

National News

Communist Japan has begun the process of the idea of an Embargo on Australia, in contact with its allies Australia warns any embargo on Australia will be hit twice as hard, with the economic trade that was nearly 2.4 Billion rapidly plummeting to 1 Billion instead, with Australian Companies leaving Japan and Japanese Companies leaving Australia, Secretary of Commerce Leah Di Nac said "We are sad to see the trade between our nations halting, but The Australian Government does stand by its decision if Japan thinks that it can threaten to kill our citizens and that we will turn a blind eye then they are wrong. They can assume we are the evil force, but tell me. Who is evil those who threaten to raze a city to the ground, or those who say we will talk? Mr. Chairman, the door to friendship is open, but you must be the one to open it.


National News
Australian Forces in Syria celebrated a major victory in capturing Damascus and Allies Forces capturing Homs. The Arab Republic of Lebanon has already become one of Australia's biggest trade partner. Its nearly 56 million population has already moved above its nearly 65% Poverty rate to 12% and is set to be 2% by December, Coalition Forces have begun their withdrawal in Lebanon to keep only 10,000 Coalition Troops and move the rest to begin their attacks on The Islamic Liberation Organization President Hunter and Defense Secretary Hoffman have called this a great achievement and see the fall of The Islamic Liberation Organization on the Horizon
National News


Schools reopen, with a drop of 2% in students but many analysts see that it will begin to rise back. Secretary of Education Eric Lexus has said he believes in our future and that it will be safeguarded. The Educational Self-Defense Force has been a strong force in schools with students feeling more secure, as well as Bullying,Crime, and other heinous things on a rapid decline from 3% down to .5% which has caught some off guard. High-End Security donated by Aussie Backyards has been a great help in protecting schools from terror groups


Intelligence News
A joint Intelligence Unit from Wintery and Caledonia arrived and helped with interrogating the 13 bombers who attempted to hijack IA-60 which was heading to Tokyo and attempted to hijack an aircraft heading to Syndey. The Lead Agent Pack Member (Name Classified) has said we have achieved some success with us gaining intel on terror cells across Asia and in the middle east. Wintery Pack members were able to raid an ILO stronghold capturing 13kg worth of explosive and high-grade weaponry with targets on the Japanese, Australian, and Royal Palace/Embassies. The Wintery Royal Family has called this a great achievement



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