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Emperor Penguin Rikkar





The Future Is Built On The Sacrifices Of The Past!


Please stand by, for a speech from our Bird-Emperor.

Gentlefowl, Waddlers of the Nestingland:


As our Greater Penguin Nestingland expands inexorably outwards, it is only natural that new settlements of the Overfowl would spring up. Like uncontaminated seeds planted in degenerate soil and nurtured with the blood of valiant heroes, these bastions against the barbaric and boorish hordes stand as testaments of the mighty will of the True Masters of Orbis.
Nestholm is one such pinnacle of Penguin achievement. Originally the site of a bloody stand by members of the XXVII Krakkian Penguinaries during the War of Herringsraum, proud citizens of the distant cities of Pengün and Nestingstadt were compelled to volunteer themselves in a valiant effort to establish a settlement on the newly-conquered frontier.
Through harsh winters and bleak summers, the mighty will of the Penguin species shone triumphant, erecting proud spires and procuring arable farmland where once stood a blasted and desolate landscape. Overcoming the harsh conditions by sheer self-sacrifice and austerity, these heroic colonists survived conditions that would have slain anything that did not claim the title Master-Fowl.
In response to their heroic efforts, I believe a commemoration is in order. Gentlefowl, Members of the Nestingland, I propose these things to you:


Firstly, in honor of those fallen for the Leader, Fowl, and Nestingland, a Hall of Heroes shall be erected in the center of the new city of Nestholm. Secondly, in order to safeguard the courageous citizens on this frontier city, Members of the XXV, IX, and XXXI Penguinaries will be transferred there to station themselves there on a permanent basis. Lastly, I charge each of you, proud Fowl, to take to heart the courageous struggle that we see epitomized in the selfless colonists of Nestholm. The true spirit of all that encompasses the Penguin species can be seen in the triumphant will of these citizens.


To Nestholm, we salute you. May all of the Nestingland look to your dauntless spirit in times of austerity.


Fin Hail.




Hatred Breeds Strength: Report Pacifism, Absenteeism, Half-Heartedism, And Excessive Tolerance Today!


It Is Your Duty: Report Even Speckled Eggs Today!


Failure To Follow State Doctrine Is A Terminable Offense!

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