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Channel 7 News Edition 4

Prince Hunter of Bavaria



Breaking News: Darwin under quarantine
Darwin has become the epicenter of a deadly virus classified as NH-02. Scientists around the globe have begun to wonder how a deadly virus like NH-02 could have even arisen, with most scientists believing it an act of bio-terrorism or an accident. Bio-Corp has not responded to various allegations that Bio-Corp was testing NH-01 and NH-02 and that NH might be a huge project of the multi-billion company.


Breaking News: The Coalition
The Coalition has become a defensive pact, with Heads of State from 8 different nations signing the Damascus Accords which opens the Coalition Economic and Defensive Pact. The Netherlands, Australia, Sweden, Hungadada, Lebanon, Chernigov, San Florence, and Thundera have agreed for the Economic prosperity and defense of each other. With many very astonished as many of these nations have had previous conflicts of disputes. Security Analysts and Political Analysts assume a new phase of a Cold War will begin as Nuclear Armed States on both Defensively pacts of the IDO and Coalition may see a turbulent future. General Muhmmad of the Coalition has called this a grea victory and the Coalition success in the Middle East stopping the violent and aggressive Arabian government and their minions of evil ILO and other terror groups to the Coalition Task Force in Panama safeguarding international trade and its ally. Coalition Forces hope for a


Historic Meeting: Chairman Mitsunari arrives in Australia
The World watches as Chairman Mitsunari of the Peoples Republic of Communist Japan and President Hunter of the Commonwealth of Australia alongside Minister of Economics of Japan and Secretaries of State Underwood and Commerce Leah Di Nac, claiming the theories that this would be something other than economics, We now take you live to the President and Chairman speaking


Australia and Japan have opened a new chapter in relations, it is an honor for Australia to host Japan one of our strongest trade partners, but more importantly a friend, we hope our talks will lead to success and increase trade and revive the fallen trust and friendship caused by recent events. - President Hunter


We are honored by the warm welcomes and hope that we may continue to work together for the betterment of our people. Recently some questions have arisen over some issues concerning the position of Australia with concern of our nation, despite this I believe we can move past these disagreements and create stronger ties that will benefit both of our nations equally. Thank you - Chairman Mitsunari


No Further information Channel 7 news will have more updates soon.

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