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  1. Wolfie


    The Treaty of Paris gave back administrative control of France from the Alexan Regime to the heir-apparent Princess Laurette of Brittany. Princess Laurette was selected by Empress Wolfie to lead France during the Fourth Monarch. Born on April 7th, 1992, Princess Laurette was the third daughter of Princess Rosa of French Britannia. Cousin to French Empress Mariza and Scandinavian King Ciel, Laurette became hier-apparent. Graduating from the Royal Academy in 2014, Laurette became a junior officer of the French Army. She became a careered Military Officer in 2015 after Emperor Napoleon had begun to promote many of his younger officers. In 2016, when President Sarkozy and Wolfie decided it was time to leave, Sarkozy, Napoleon, and Laurette had their bodies frozen and many other dark secrets of the Monarch in a vault in Paris. Under Laurette, Brest became a beacon of knowledge and innovation. Brest surpassed Bordeaux and Lyon as the French Educational Cities and had a vested interest with the French Military. Laurette was well acquainted with world politics and domestic leadership. However, she could ill-afford the errors of her aunt and decided that the only way to go was to become a democratic nation. The Articles of Agreement formed the United Kingdoms of France. Under this leadership, the French Monarch would assume a subversive role in the democratic institutions. The Empress was expected to refrain from political issues, welcome foreign leaders, and guide the President in his/her endeavors. The French Monarch was unable to fund or support a party within the Senate and National Assembly. The new Government would be elected in the snap 2017 election and serve for 7 years until the official election of 2024. Present Day The Snap election of 2017 had decisively supported Laurette Majestica to become the countries first president since the Fall of France. Laurette won over 57% of the vote. Her runner up had gotten 13%, and so forth. The President’s Union Chrétienne Démocratique (UDC) however had fallen short in the National Assembly. Winning only 38% of the vote, the center-right UDC had been formed from former “elites” of French society, former politicians, ambassadors, leaders, and citizens from the Wolfie Empire. The Leftist La France Insoumise won a slim majority at 51%. The Far-Left Unsubmissive France had been a pivotal player in pro-union and pro-citizen values. Led by Jean-luc, they formed the opposition group against the UDC. The Conservative party had also won a 15% and the Socialist Party at 2%. President Laurette would have to form a coalition government in the National Assembly to ensure that her legislative agenda would move through. Emperatriz Mariza reprised her role as Empress of France. The Emperatriz and her brother Ciel had previously caused catastrophic disasters for Europe. Now the two would be pitted together as leaders of their new nations. The Chief of the Armed Forces, would become Jérémie Kébler. Jérémie was an experience officer of the French Armed Forces, fighting in Jordan, The Suez, and Italy. His first task would be to modernize the Nuclear Arsenal of France. With 350 nuclear weapons, the new Sakura Nuclear Missile would begin to phase out the old Zafri Nuclear Missile Class. The roughly 100 Zafri Class Nuclear Missiles would be destroyed, and replaced with high end Sakura Missiles. He would also work with French Defense Giants, Renault, FranArms, TechArms, Dassault, and other companies to expand the French Arsenal. The Modern Armed Forces of France are a highly developed fighting force with honor and traditions since the 18th century. The Coalition building is expected to happen the next week as President Laurette Majestica receives congratulations and welcome from the international community. The Eiffel Tower in Paris lit in the flags of the French Republic. President Laurette and Emperatriz Maria are expected to meet this weekend and discuss the future and objectives of France. The UDC leadership was excited to work with the other parties, but vowed to refuse the Unsubmissive France’s agenda on labour and defence. President Laurette Majestica welcomed the king jesture by the Ottomans. France would be honored to reopen it's Embassy in Ankara and it's consulate in Izmir and Istanbul. President Laurette extends a state visit to the Sultan to Paris.
  2. Can I have Bosnia? Seeing as everything else is taken Bosnia, Sicily, Sardinia, Corsica
  3. Just a quick note: If I give you my territory in France, you will need to know a few things. First of all, Bordeaux has been given a major upgrade, as in it is now one of the most technologically advanced cities in Europe. Second, many of the cities in Southern France have been abandoned due to the infestation of a species known as the "lost" (which are lowkey zombies), So you will have that as a problem

    1. Wolfie


      I am very confused, are you giving me the territory or not?

    2. Zachary Hudson

      Zachary Hudson

      Just in case I do, you will need to know that

    3. Wolfie
  4. Never-mind my current claims. I will edit them, time for plan B Let me move my provinces as per emergency protocol Alpha-3 (WELCOME BACK!) Remove my nation from the map Moving it to another location for Wolfie hm.... K then
  5. Claiming 13, the rest is being "gifted" towards moi. Edit: YOU ARE SUPPOSE TO HELP MEEEEEEEEE :3,
  6. I have readjusted the Claims. My France, I am under the guise that @Jean Betrand and @Emperor Tristar Majestica will gift me their territory. I would like Rome, Sicily, Sardinia, and Corsica. If possible Tunisa. Better, yet I could have my old empire back Any other issues with my claims for you guys to complain about?
  7. Britannia ONI-CHAAAAN!!! French Empress Wolfie toured the latest French Tim Hortons in Quebec City, France. We are happy to announce the latest branch to be on Britannia Street outside the royal palace in Bordeaux. Former Ruler and Emperatriz Maria looks forward to seeing Oni-Chan and Oni-San Strea soon. We hope your war is fruitful and results in cherishble gains for the Britannia Empire. France and Britannia have held a close friendship ever since the “Family” relations were established. Under Empress Wolfie, in 2015, France and Britannia formed formal diplomatic relations. The French Thailand Colony, (Stréan Reich) had also been deeply tied with Britannia. The 3 leaders of Stréa, Lelouch, and Maria were dubbed the Oni-Family. Although Lelouch never accepted such terminology. French-Britannian Relations were primarily focused on containment of the UMS and peaceful expansion in the Americas. French Citizens in Britannia are at roughly 12,000 mainly in Louisiana where French colonists lived. France and Britannia are key trading partners, and during the Fourth Monarch, French control of 2/3 vital trade ways led an economic “war” against Britannia. Britannia is often a loved nation of France, always ranking second after Wintery by the French People. While French Citizens have often visited Britannia heavily, many have been culminated in French cities such as Montréal, Quebec City, Louisiana, Ohio, and other regions with high french culture and heritage. Federation of Scandinavia The United Kingdoms welcomes it’s former heir and cousin to the French Queen Ciel Wolf as leader of the Federation of Scandinavia. We are sadden by the death of French King ZafriZackery and have held the day of union as a national holiday for both Empress Wolfie and King ZafriZackery. We are disheartened by the deaths of 1 million Norwegians in this Wolfecide, I mean genocide. Scandinvvia and France have had a tense relationship. Under Wolfie, Relations were at it’s peak, in a Marriage Union. The Union fell after the deaths of Empress Wolfie and Zafri. While both had lived, it was not known and both Ciel Wolf and Maria Wolf destroyed the union and subsequent E.U. France and Sweden amend ties under Wolfie and Zafri, but Sweden and Scandinavia have ranked low in public opinion. At 2014, the unions formation saw 74% of French Citizens in appeasement. By 2016, the numbers were at 5%. Mogotopia France will remain neutral in the conflict between Britannia and Mogotopia. We support a peaceful resolution to conflict, and hope that Germany will remain neutral and not aggregate the current situation. We offer our aid and support to rebuild the Solaris Canal (The Suez Canal, I renamed it in my RP.) And shall offer whatever means to support a peaceful resolution in the MoG-Britannia War. The Regime The United Kingdoms of France recognizes the Norte Family as the role and legitimate government of the former New French Colonies in South America. The Superhero Regime is a military coup in the place of the legitimate Government of Caledonia. We condemn this coup, and will not work with such a regime. Franco-Caledonia relations have been unparrael except to Wintery. Often ranking at #3 at the most loved nations, Caledonia and France share a common heritage and close family relations. Over 12 French Nobility of the House of Wolf and House of Caledonia have married into the Norte and Caledonia Royal Familes. French New Caledonia and New France were given as a starting nation for the Norte Family after the collapse of Caledonia. 2 Million French Citizens live in Caledonia, the largest expatriate community. Most French-Caledonians have transitioned into a bridge between Caledonian and French culture. French is often spoken in Caledonia, and most signs also have French translations. English, the common language of Caledonia is also used in France mainly because of Wintery and Caledonian influence. Wintery No words for Wintery, words are too obsolete to describe them. The Grand Empress in Saint Wolfie islands currently at 98 would like to visit Wintery one last time. The aging leader of France was the first to establish Diplomatic Relations with Wintery in 2008. Since then, France has had no greater ally, and no greater friend than the Wintery. Grand Empress Wolf had recently lowered her public appearance, especially after the death of theGrand Emperor late 2016. The Special Relationship as some of called it continued into Empress Wolfie who remained close allies and a personal consul to Empress Amaryllis. Empress Wolfie has often provided Princess Lucia with counel and aid numerous times. While she was personally disappointed Lucia was not chosen, she was happy to see Ericsson leap to the occasion. Emperatriz Maria continue the Franco-Wintery Relationship, offering numerous aide and military packages. French-Wintery Military relation soared. Over 34 Billion Francs worth of Military equipment was sold during the times. After Empress Wolfie returned, Franco-Wintery Relations remained at their peak. Wintery was the first visited nation for all French Presidents since Chirac in 2008, and the most visited nation for French Citizens. Over 1.53 Million French citizens live in Wintery, while nearly double that live in France. Overall, Wintery and France have remained such close and distinct allies they are practically inseparable. Umbrella France will work with Umbrella to strengthen Franco-Umbrella relations and to get into military and economic trade. We congratulate Umbrella for strives forward in Medicine and Defence and look towards mutual cooperation in those fields. Alemia We are happy to see Alexemia back into Orbis, we look forward to working with Them.
  8. French Ministry of Foreign Affairs Official Press Release Paris Septembre 26 2017 The French Government is appalled by such statements. We condemn the statements of Eric Frick. The actions of Opposition Leader Frick are vile and outright disgusting. Eric Frick has been barred from entry into the United Kingdoms of France. The ban comes towards his vulgar use on social media and disregard for political and civil etiquette. (Translated Segment from the French Foreign Ministry Press Briefing)
  9. I was just gonna ask Alexei and Tristar and whoever the other guy if they could concede territory <3 , Lol what Genocide have I committed thinks
  10. Hey guy! As much as I would love to re-read the past 100 years of this RP. Could someone give me a quick rundown of current and important events. Thank you
  11. Wolfie


    Wolfie was quite dumbfounded, and in awe of the failures made by the French Leader; while she had an idea that this man would have been a failure for all of France. After meeting the man, tensions between Her niece and Jean skyrocketed. The Princess of Brittany was the heir to the Fifth Monarch. and Jean was not budging on giving into the Princess, she hadn't expected something so disastrous. She quickly lept from her seat, and told her niece that she would return. She slowly walked to the center of the room, death ringing on the icy floor. The other officials seemed to look at her with tense, unease, and worried faces. But that didn't matter. She had already stood up. "Mr. Jean, a pleasure to meet you," she began, her voice cordial. "This matter is a very delicate matter. However, I will not stand idle as you put France into ruins. You have shamed the French spirit, the French culture, and what it means to France. Now, I will say this once. Leave the capital, and you shall remain a hero of France. Returning it to the House of Wolf and the be rejoiced as a pviotal figure in our history. On the contrary, I shall personally lead my army to destroy you and this ruble you call a state. you can run, and you can hide, but an MQ-9 always finds it's mark. You have had my grace for far too long, times are changing. Either get in the boat, or get swept aside Mr. Jean" She smiled, giving the man the jitters before exiting the room. Her protectorates following suit, leaving Jean to ponder about his Legacy. The Princess of Brittany and the other French Officials gave him a look. "You must ask yourself, how long will you last. Such petty and short-sighted conflict will not serve the French people well. Take her offer, do the people good one last time." With that, they all left.
  12. Oh Alexei! It so great to see you. Indeed, I am happy to see you have embraced France! I hope you are treating it well. Also, don't worry you can keep France. I will adjust my claims, I am just really busy with Irl right now.
  13. Hey guys! So happy to be back. Sorry, but who is Jean Betrand? (We should stop cluttering the Post, send me a PM! we should chat some more)
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