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  1. Wolfie


    The Treaty of Paris gave back administrative control of France from the Alexan Regime to the heir-apparent Princess Laurette of Brittany. Princess Laurette was selected by Empress Wolfie to lead France during the Fourth Monarch. Born on April 7th, 1992, Princess Laurette was the third daughter of Princess Rosa of French Britannia. Cousin to French Empress Mariza and Scandinavian King Ciel, Laurette became hier-apparent. Graduating from the Royal Academy in 2014, Laurette became a junior officer of the French Army. She became a careered Military Officer in 2015 after Emperor Napoleon had
  2. Can I have Bosnia? Seeing as everything else is taken Bosnia, Sicily, Sardinia, Corsica
  3. Just a quick note: If I give you my territory in France, you will need to know a few things. First of all, Bordeaux has been given a major upgrade, as in it is now one of the most technologically advanced cities in Europe. Second, many of the cities in Southern France have been abandoned due to the infestation of a species known as the "lost" (which are lowkey zombies), So you will have that as a problem

    1. Wolfie


      I am very confused, are you giving me the territory or not?

    2. Ikhan


      Just in case I do, you will need to know that

    3. Wolfie
  4. Never-mind my current claims. I will edit them, time for plan B Let me move my provinces as per emergency protocol Alpha-3 (WELCOME BACK!) Remove my nation from the map Moving it to another location for Wolfie hm.... K then
  5. Claiming 13, the rest is being "gifted" towards moi. Edit: YOU ARE SUPPOSE TO HELP MEEEEEEEEE :3,
  6. I have readjusted the Claims. My France, I am under the guise that @Jean Betrand and @Emperor Tristar Majestica will gift me their territory. I would like Rome, Sicily, Sardinia, and Corsica. If possible Tunisa. Better, yet I could have my old empire back Any other issues with my claims for you guys to complain about?
  7. Britannia ONI-CHAAAAN!!! French Empress Wolfie toured the latest French Tim Hortons in Quebec City, France. We are happy to announce the latest branch to be on Britannia Street outside the royal palace in Bordeaux. Former Ruler and Emperatriz Maria looks forward to seeing Oni-Chan and Oni-San Strea soon. We hope your war is fruitful and results in cherishble gains for the Britannia Empire. France and Britannia have held a close friendship ever since the “Family” relations were established. Under Empress Wolfie, in 2015, France and Britannia formed formal diplomatic relations. The Fr
  8. French Ministry of Foreign Affairs Official Press Release Paris Septembre 26 2017 The French Government is appalled by such statements. We condemn the statements of Eric Frick. The actions of Opposition Leader Frick are vile and outright disgusting. Eric Frick has been barred from entry into the United Kingdoms of France. The ban comes towards his vulgar use on social media and disregard for political and civil etiquette. (Translated Segment from the French Foreign Ministry Press Briefing)
  9. I was just gonna ask Alexei and Tristar and whoever the other guy if they could concede territory <3 , Lol what Genocide have I committed thinks
  10. Hey guy! As much as I would love to re-read the past 100 years of this RP. Could someone give me a quick rundown of current and important events. Thank you
  11. Wolfie was quite dumbfounded, and in awe of the failures made by the French Leader; while she had an idea that this man would have been a failure for all of France. After meeting the man, tensions between Her niece and Jean skyrocketed. The Princess of Brittany was the heir to the Fifth Monarch. and Jean was not budging on giving into the Princess, she hadn't expected something so disastrous. She quickly lept from her seat, and told her niece that she would return. She slowly walked to the center of the room, death ringing on the icy floor. The other officials seemed to look at her with tense,
  12. Oh Alexei! It so great to see you. Indeed, I am happy to see you have embraced France! I hope you are treating it well. Also, don't worry you can keep France. I will adjust my claims, I am just really busy with Irl right now.
  13. Hey guys! So happy to be back. Sorry, but who is Jean Betrand? (We should stop cluttering the Post, send me a PM! we should chat some more)
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