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A "Brief" Explanation of Meonesia's Government

Ekejen Luish



It is by Repadatari Edatari that the peoples of Meonesia maintain the ability of being ruled by a small aristocracy consisting of three families, the eldest of which are the triumvirs (with exception to the original three triumvirs who maintain their position) in the Meonesian Royal Triumvirate. In the year 1393, a Meonesian woman named Repadatari Edatari explained a possible governmental system called the Edatari system. This system, with modification, is the system in use currently by Meonesia.


The Meonesian Triumvirate was set up after the swift invasion of Meonesia by the Kingdom of the Evenstar led nobly by King Thalmor. The democratic system was abolished and replaced by a monarchy, led by Queen Orqan Iaos. However, Iaos realized she lacked confidence in herself to represent and lead the entire country on here own, thus setting up the royal triumvirate, needing the consent of all three triumvirs in order to enact major decision. This was, as said by Iaos, "A way to easily balance out the power of the government while still having the supreme monarchy system however with modification".


However, the Meonesian governing body does not truly consist purely of three people. While the triumvirate makes many major decisions, a council of persons each appointed by the triumvirs, called the Royal Council, ensures to act within their departments, as well as advise the triumvirate should it be required. The Royal Council lacks the ability to create laws, and only is able to act on other actions or upon their own. Each councilperson has a separate appointment and dedication. For example, one may be responsible for ensuring the safety of Meonesia by moving troops and units and ordering their action. The addition of the Royal Council is the main difference between the current Meonesian governmental system and the Edatari System. The original system set up by Edatari lacked the Royal Council and determined that none should have power but the exclusive aristocracy of the Triumvirate.


Because of the need to have three triumvirs, each family, or house, is prevented from merging families through marriage or by other means. This is to avoid two royal houses merging into a single house and causing the need of the development of another house. In the event that the line of a house ends, the other two triumvirs must unanimously agree to the appointment of another house and triumvir. Should they be indecisive in this matter, one of the Royal Council will be appointed, by vote of the Royal Council. However, the event of even the end of the line of a house is extremely unlikely.


In order to show dedication to their nation, anyone in the three royal families must serve in the Meonesian military, and are required to maintain the rank of Private and receive no exclusive treatment. This must be done for two years, once they reach the age of eighteen. Should they be unwilling to do this, they will be exiled, and permanently banned from entering the country. This is all to prove that they are worthy and noble enough to lead such a nation.


For a person to be a member of the Royal Council, similar action must be taken. A nominee for Royal Council must have served in the Meonesian military for at least one year.


There are four main buildings in which the Meonesian government operates:

  1. The Palace of the Triumvirate, the permanent residence of the three royal families
  2. The Royal Council Building, which holds the Royal Council offices and meeting rooms
  3. The Qasquild, which holds many offices of smaller divisions of the Meonesian Royal Council
  4. Meokraud National Fort, which holds military offices, while also being the takeoff and landing runway for Meonesian government officials as well as other nations' diplomats and/or leaders

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