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News Blog: Post 2

Emperor Tristar Majestica



Hello and welcome to Hungadada News Service 24/7's News Blog. We will report the latest on the Imperial Republic of Hungadada on this blog.


26 years ago HNS 24/7 was founded with the principles of unbiased, factual news. We strive to bring you, the viewer (or the reader in this case), the most up-to-date news about Hungadada. That's why we were voted 'Most Trusted Major News Service' 24 times in a row!

Onwards with today's news!

Live-Fire Military Exercises take place in Hungadada:

Today marked the first day of Exercise Homeland, a full live-fire military exercise created to test the military's response to an invasion of the homeland. All branches of the military were used, with IHNS Bravo making her debut appearance. The exercises are also an opportunity to test out some of the new technology developed by the military. New smart missiles and smart bombs were tested, along with lightweight-heavy-protection body armour. For the first time, His Majesty also played an active role, commanding troops and equipment alongside his generals. HNS 24/7 got an exclusive short interview with Sir Aaron Bach, Director of the DSDH (Department for Security and Defense Hungadada):

HNS 24/7"How will these exercises help the nation?"

Director Bach: These exercises will simulate an invasion of Hungadada, and thus will help our troops prepare for this scenario should it happen. Exercise Homeland provides a stressful, realistic simulation of what an actual invasion may look like. When these excerises are practiced, it shows our new recruits what is expected of them, and provides a refresher for the older service members. Should the worst happen, at least we are prepared. We also look to use new technology developed by our defense partners.

HNS 24/7 "What are the latest technologies that the DSDH has implemented in this exercise?"

Director Bach: Among other things, our defense partners and the R&D facilities have developed new armor for our ground troops. The armour is lightweight, yet extremely tough, and is able to repair itself over time. We've also begun using smart missiles and bombs, which can be targeted to their location with high precsion.
The airforce is experimenting with new flight management controls as well. So yeah, we've been doing a lot. That's just some of the stuff we've been experimenting with.

HNS 24/7 "Do you think that the worst will ever happen?"

Director Bach: Well, no one can say for sure. It doesn't look like it'll happen, but if it does, we'll be ready.


In other news:

The HSEA (Hungadada Space Exploration Agency) says that it has recieved various new sigals from a mysterious source in the universe. It says that a signal sent out 40 years ago has been replied to. Experts are currently examining the new signals for authenticity, and are expected to do a press conference in a few days. The HSEA says it has notifed relevant authorities, including His Majesty and asks that people not speculate, as that could lead to false rumours.

Hungadada has had a long history of possible alien signals, with at least 35 return signals recorded. None of those signals were authentic. The public back then were prone to misinformation, and in one instance, all can foods in Amber, ran out because of speculation that an alien invasion was coming.


That will end todays news segment.

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