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GBC News: Goand Wins Orbolympics Bid

Peter Quill



GBC News

News from Goand.


Goand Wins Orbolympic Bid


Crowds cheering in the city of Arrantilla. (GBC Photos)


Frand, Goand - After days of trepidation, anxiety, waiting, and excitement, the International Orbolympic Committee finally chose the winning bid. Goand won the bid after boiling down potential bids to four nations: Normanlandia, Fraggle Rock, Harzotchka, and Goand. Crowds cheered in cities all over Goand where city governments set up large screens in their city centres. The government then published a statement thanking the IOC for choosing Goand as the host nation, and extending a hand to those nations whose bids weren't successful.


The nation of Fraggle Rock wasn't so thrilled, however. After losing the bid, the government published a statement complaining about how they tried bribing the IOC into choosing them. They then decided to pull out of the Orbolympics, and will not participate in the upcoming games, then proceeded to make a thinly-veiled threat against Goand, saying 'If any nation sends athletes to these games, they are doing so with the risk out them not coming home, or coming home slightly glowing.'. The nation then established their own Orbolympics, dubbed the Super Duper Very Special Orbolympics, or SDVSO for short. Politicians in Goand, including the (ceremonial) President, John Brinks, critisised the threat and called it 'very unsportsman-like'. The Prime Minister is expected to release a statement regarding the incident later today.



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Note: All units are in Celsius.



Today's weather forecast is brought to you by EreGoand. Fly today with EreGoand.


Frand - 37°

Adlon - 35°

Zogun - 37°

Bucidnon-Alsacoff - 38°

Liwayway - 26°

Edenia - 30°

Salinas - 29°

Harlatr - 32°

Arrantilla - 34°

Garja - 38°


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