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Community Answers

  1. Join the NatRP Discord.

  2. Remove regions in brown, add the regions in red (4 transferred, 2 from this month)
  3. I'd like to expand and move my provinces but it's a stupid PHP file so I can't highlight the regions. Please make it not a PHP file because I can't open those!
  4. We are taking back only small amounts of lands that were given to us as part of Rekishtein since the Treaty of Versaille. There are many Rekish people, and we will respect minority groups. The territory we will claim will be incorporated into the provinces they were in previously. This territory was lost in the 2016 Rekish Crisis, after Richard Golen (Roikat Kolen) IV was forced to abdicate in an uprising in Golenkert (Kolen Keat). They left and formed a small confederation, and we hope that they will rejoin us now that we no longer have a constitutional crisis. We also have determined that the only way they can cause harm to our economy is if they fight back and invade Rekishtein, however they will not fight back. We expect 0 casualties on either side with no fighting. It's not an invasion, it's reunification.
  5. A Rekish ambassador has been sent to the newly bought Rekish embassy in Istanbul.
  6. Yes but I'm saying he should make it one of the default flags. I mean he made Sealand a default flag, and Texas, and Greenland.
  7. TRPO: The Rekish military is sending in a force to the regions north of Rekishtein. The Rekish government announced it this morning. Rekishtein will be attempting to reclaim lost territory that it lost during the 2016 Rekish Crisis. It is expected to be an easy task, as there will be little to no opposition to this movement. This will also serve as a good exercise for Rekish troops.
  8. OOC: Hey wait you stole my old location tag on your profile! Rekish government officials commend the guilty verdict of Thornton.
  9. We do not like the new name of 'Scandanavia'. We do not consider Iceland part of Scandanavia, and thus believe that this new name excludes people of Iceland.
  10. The Rekish Senate attempted to pass a bill that would limit the growth of the KKWR, however it was shot down in a 19-for v 20-against vote. In other news, the Egalitarians have assassinated two Deputy Secretaries of Finance and Economics in a meeting on the 30 August. Ekejen Luish has passed activated Corridor 193 in emergency legislation, calling for the reparation of the Rekish domestic market. The KKWR is being temporarily frozen, while agents working with the Dept. of Finance and Econ. are attempting to supply the suddenly large amount of unemployed with jobs.
  11. Thank you, I will keep this in mind.
  12. Rekishtein accepts the aid from Nofa. The aid can be put to good use in our now stressed Bureau of Unemployment Compensation. However, Rekishtein will not accept any more aid from other nations for fear of increasing the problem by inflating our currency, the Rekish Ngenale, which is already decreasing in value.
  13. OOC: So it's equivalent to $40 million US dollars?
  14. OOC: How much is 40 million Novian dollars? Like in real life USD
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