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MTS Impossibility Returns

Ekejen Luish



Only two hours ago, the flying city MTS Impossibility returned from it's month-long voyage into the reaches of space, over a thousand lightyears away. It found two of all three habitable planets inhabited. The scientists brought information and photos, the crew brought experience, the rich people brought reviews, and the military brought nothing because the ship was not attacked.




Here are some of the photographs:


TBI-9-03 was the first planet visited. This planet was inhabited by sea creatures, however no intelligent life forms were found. There is very little land on this planet.





TBI-9-01 was the second planet viseted. It was uninhabited, however. Unfortunately, it happened to be under constant bombardment of matter from the rings. This planet had no life whatsoever on it, probably due to the fact that the air is extremely toxic, as is the water.





TBI-9-02 was the final planet visited. It was inhabited with sea creatures, plants, and land animals, as well as birds ranging from the size of a coin to the size of a car. This planet had mostly earth-like conditions. It also had intelligent creatures, with civilizations.


Above is a photograph of one of their cities, displaying their interesting architecture and culture. The two people in the picture are Meonesians that went on the voyage and visited this city.


Unfortunately, when photographers went to take pictures of the creatures, they destroyed the cameras. Meonesian scientists were eventually able to establish a basic communication with the creatures, as their language has yet to be deciphered.


Another voyage to this planet will be launched in July, and this will be for an entire 6 months (Orbis Standard Calendar).



Recommended Comments

Does the ship take.. uh ... Intergalactic Tourists?

The ship takes people from Earth to see the reaches of space. Whether they be scientists, journalists, photographers, or rich tourists. But you have to pay for tickets, and they are expensive (from $63 to $294 orbis note)

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