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Meonesian Southwest Coast Contaminated

Ekejen Luish



Water Contaminated on the Southwest Coast of Meonesia
Veswesten - The citizens were extremely alert when a state of emergency was called for all coastal cities and towns on the southwest coasts of Meonesia, and a warning issued to the remainder of Meonesia. A press conference was called, and it had been announced that Jartyuqal Nuclear Research Facility had detected alarmingly large amounts of radiation coming from the direction of the ocean. After further investigation, the water had been deemed fully contaminated along the coasts. Residents and visitors in the area have been advised to leave immediately until it is safe to return. After even more investigation, areas along the Veswesten River had been found to be contaminated as well. Although the cause is not fully known, it is suspected that it has come from the nuclear detonations in central America by the Order of Humanity. However, as stated, the cause is not known, and investigations will continue.



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