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RANA Edition #1




Breaking News: 13th Motorized Leger decimated
The Netherlands chairman of the Royal Armed Forces Council Hans Hoffman reported that at 11:14 AST an Islamic Liberation Offensive into northern syria in an attempt to dismay Coalition forces caught the entire Coalition off-gaurd, and reports that the 13th Motorized Leger has been decimated, with a full retreat into lebanon, after the 13th Motorized was shattered the 8th Thunderian Naval Taskforce itself was decimated, taking heavy losses being pushed back and completely encircled by the Islamic Liberation Army Northern Front. The 13th Motorized remnants have begun a massive retreat into Southern Lebanon, nearly 700-1000km from its original position. All Dutch troops in Syria have retreated and gone to Lebanon and its reserves from Cyprus being called in, the 13th Motorized Leger remnants and all remaining dutch troops are reorganizing and the 6th Armee has begun its counter attack. With nearby Swedish and San Florian armies also being heavily beaten back as they attempted a counter-attack. The Netherlands has begun to deploy an additional 13,000 troops brining the dutch troops in the Middle East to 30,000+


Breaking News: Empress Victoria declares a state of emergency
The Netherlands new Empress has declared a state of emergency after the Islamic Liberation Organization launched a series of terror attacks across The Netherlands, with Emperor Leopard I declaring he would increase his efforts against ILO, he has even mobilized another 17,000 troops brining the Dutch Army to 87,000. The Empress and has ordered the Imperial Jäger to move into the city, marking the 3rd time the Jägers have been deployed into The Netherlands, the Empress has also ordered all government and civil ministries to begin operating 24/7 and has called in the 17,000 Dutch reserves. The Royal Family quickly released a statement saying "We offer our condolences to all the family members of lost loved ones. Those responsible will pay and they will not escape, remain vigilant and remain."


Royal News: Empress Victoria and Emperor Leopard I depart
The Empress has been seen leaving to the Kingdom of Wintery a long time ally of the Netherlands where she is said to discuss military and economic development, as well as rumors they shall discuss the issue of Japan. Nearby Emperor Leopard and Prince Harrow's 80th Airkorps have gone to Hungadada and met with Emperor Tristar where they declared the coalition stands in unity and these petty attacks will not undermine our nations.


Princess Maxima has been given task of Empress till their return, the remaining family members have gone to their business with Prince Harrow and his elite and legendary 80th Airkorps returning to Lebanon in a Coalition attempt to relief the besieged Thunderian Army in northern lebanon.


Royal News: "Emperor" van Reimerink found
Caledonian Ambassador reported to the Empress and Emperor before their departure that Emperor van Reimerink was found dead in the Indian Jungles where he was sentenced to exile by Grand-Empress Wolf.


Royal News: Australian President quick visit to the Hague
A quick last mininute visit by President Hunter of Australia caught the entire nation off guard, the President spoke at the The Hague International Model United Nations Conference speaking with delegates who will be the future of the world as he put it, he also spoke at the Hague International School of Commerce and Finance University. With news that President Hunters daughter Emily burns Hunter has enrolled and begun her semester at The HISCFU.

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