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The Absolute State of SAIL


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I am too mentally damaged to read all of those messages in the video, regardless 10/10 DoW, solid amount of effort and I am sure it would be really funny if I knew what was going on.

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1 hour ago, Rageproject said:

As we all burn each other down, the real victims are the nanos who have no clue why their tiny farms aren’t producing food and it’s 250 ppu on the trade market. 

It's easy to hate the rich, but do you have the courage to hate the poor?

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Looks like SAIL may FAIL. Already those who wanted preserve their infra were hurting, throw in 10 more alliances rolling them. Wars like this come down to will power, morale & willingness to take whatever damage to win. Singularity and Cypher cast aside any illusions of preserving their infra early on, so have no reason to back down now with more on their side. Morale is mostly not favoring the SAIL side atm.

Can't really beat those who have aside everything already to win. (I think WELP made a mistake jumping into what's probably the losing side, have a hard time imagining them winning. Will probably drag out to a draw at best for them after their infra is wrecked.)

Also I decided Syndicate and Aurora don't own Green. So we're green & consider it free color now. (You can thank Locutus for showing me income sucks on Brown compare to Green. Also someone told me I can't, which made me want to more.)

Also I think SAIL's side won't win, since they try motivating their members to constantly stay active by stealing their bank deposits & labeling them war dodgers if they can't always be active 24/7. So those who aren't prepared to constantly be active for what could a drawn out war, they might as well withdraw their bank deposits now. Rather than get booted and labeled a war dodger, after being robbed. Lack of loyalty to members makes members less loyal. (When I finally got some explanation on the bank thing, their leader called the member they booted a war dodger since they weren't active at the time. I see plenty of nations in there borderline, where they could lose their deposits if Carthogo thinks their war deposits are worth more than what they're contributing to the war effort. He also claimed the member left, but I already knew they were booted. That's when he clarified his view that being inactive is war dodging. Rather than tell me anything regarding it in thier channel when asking, they first muted me for a week; then also banned me from the channel when I mentioned it again in one of their allies channels. So they did not want their members to hear the reason I guess, since maybe it would cause them to leave?)

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