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  1. I'm not even defending our decision to sign this nap deal. Everyone has the right to be mad over this. Only thing I will say about this deal is that this is the state of the game's politics. What I am calling out is the hypocrisy coming from y'all and the lies that have been said about us. Y'all haven't said much about the potential deal Y'all were apart of. This is why we call you girlboss @Adrienne. Our dms are open to talk this out and get to the bottom of this whenever you want (maybe even squash this beef).
  2. The funny thing is, y'all signed that out of fear of Eclipse.
  3. You say that like your alliance wasn't in the process of negotiating a NAP agreement themselves. I don't know what your government has been telling you, but they sure as hell lying. And it's not just us saying this. Everyone who signed this NAP knows that TKR is talking out of their ass and not telling the whole truth.
  4. Because it all points back to this. And of course they don't have a proper response, so they send one of their lackeys to troll us and buy time.
  5. If only you could say that for your leadership.
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