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  1. hey @Alex you looking to have a memer join your moderation team? :serious:
  2. who's gonna make sure that everyone can't farm in peace now?
  3. @Vexzyou promised me that i would win. WTF!!!!! In all seriousness tho congrats luci on becoming the new leader of rose.
  4. Shit it was a blast fighting this war against HW. Meeting new people and getting to talk to them was sick. And plus some of y'all guys gave me a run for my money lmao. Cheers to a fun war. Also BW should have made tkr move to discord as part of the treaty. That would have been meme of the year.
  5. I remember You. You got kicked out of Your previous alliance while we were discussing said alliance moving off from green. and then You spammed me so much asking me if You were safe from E$ hitting You because you were on green. that I blocked you. and then You rerolled.
  6. does this mean i can visit y'all at 2AM in the morning while i'm wasted?
  7. good i expect you to come back to camelot one day and retake your dad's throne and dethrone epi. @Arthur Jr.
  8. epi wtf are you doing? have you lost your mind?
  9. whoops looks like I used My uno reverse card guess orange man corporation is heading to the floor now
  10. thanks for spitting bars for me, as for the merger that would depend on some factors :serious:
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