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Swamp and Arrgh find a common ground

Richard Payne III

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Just now, Arln Nen said:

Since when does Arrgh sign treaties?

They don't. Everything after this will just be regular old raiding, but Arrgh is by no means signing a formal obligation here.

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36 minutes ago, Richard Payne III said:

We call an end to this conflict, neither side victorious, nor a loser.

sure buddy



downvote this post if you lost to arrgh

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33 minutes ago, Latsu said:

So arrgh won?


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Minister of Love of Polaris
Patres Conscripti of the Independent Republic of Orange Nations, Imperator Emeritus of the Valyrian Freehold, Imperator Emeritus of the Divine Phoenix


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2 hours ago, Ogaden said:


Cant a man just love Paper?? Everyone should have some!!!

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