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  1. @DaBigBawss is back, and he has been for at least a month
  2. Ah, the wood I cut is conveniently cut in perfect sizes.
  3. I'll get chopping then, how big would you like the pieces?
  4. Can people stop trying to profit and make money off of literally everything, it's getting a little ridiculous now.
  5. *Gives the meme* Well, guess I've been mugged for a meme, there's a first for everything.
  6. Anything by Hans Zimmer is clearly superior.
  7. If its imgflip, you are better off just resigning your position.
  8. I wish I never had to type this... Night is now coming upon my time in this game, and I hate to say my last goodbye to this wonderful community. I leave many sorrows, regrets, but also joys as I depart. This may seem sudden and it somewhat is at first glance, but due to a series of recent unfortunate events that unfolded a few days ago, I have decided its best for me to pack up. I probably wont forget most of you here. I never thought a digital nation simulator could be so interesting, especially one like PNW. Really I’m just trying not to be sad my time here is over, but I’m just trying to be glad it happened. It really was a crapshoot that I ever joined this game to begin with, with me joining back in 2018 then getting bored, and then getting a sudden urge to play this game one February night after seeing it in the Play Store. The road I depart you all from is one I wont forget, and I want you all to know that my road ahead is one that requires time to go through. (Honestly, there’s more behind everything I have done since I exited VM that would be just paragraphs long that I don’t want to get into that relate to this.) THANK YOU ALL WONDERFUL PEOPLE Thank you Fain of NWSRFE for showing me how great the game really is Thank you Mace for being there for me regardless of anything Thank you Arctic for bringing many funny memories Thank you Havgle for being there to laugh at random stuff when it came Thank you Putmir for showing me many fox pictures Thank you Krampus for being such a fair boss on RON Thank you Changeup for being an infinite supply of memes Thank you PandaMan for being such a good friend Thank you Vero for making me laugh Thank you Elefante for correcting my admittedly crappy grammar Thank you Red Panda for showing me many cute Red Pandas Thank you to to all my RON readers who looked at my show I know I’m missing many of you, but I just want to be done with this as fast as possible... Now comes the day where I bid you all farewell. Good luck in the next Great War.
  9. I don't know how you expect to defeat an alliance who has 10x the city count and a little under 10x the members as you do. That's even without mentioning the fact that your military count is almost zeroed. Best advice I can give you is suing for peace and getting a prot.
  10. There is no middle ground when your being kicked to the curb without a prot to protect you. All the cards are in CCs hands Firwof. In this case, you have no leverage to make any demands. You can only hope for a surrender that doesn't result in the dissolution of your micro.
  11. @Firwof Kromwell, at the end of the day this arguing is just pouring gasoline on a fire. Like what @Greene said, nobody is going to read all that. In fact, this probably will just be purged by Alex for diving too much into OOC. There comes a point where you have to simply cut your losses and stop making a scene. You are the one who founded a micro without getting a prot in the first place with a FAT war chest on your back. To compound the predicament, you do a RoH on CC who are under the protection TKR, of one of the most powerful alliances in PNW history. Which that RoH basically is a big turnoff for any possible prot wanting to protect you putting now you at the mercy of Lossi. Sometimes I do sympathize with you, however you are the one who dug your own grave with this. This isn't even mentioning the fact that what started this was you poaching someone in the same sphere. In the above quoted text, considering where all the cards are placed this is a fairly generous offer as Lossi has the means to basically permaroll Blind Eternities into oblivion. Firwof, you simply cannot reason with a tiger when your head is in its mouth.
  12. Why are we writing essays worth of stuff over a digital nation simulation game? And why am I being brought into this now?
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