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[RoH] For your consideration

Lord Vader

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22 minutes ago, BigMorf said:

Poaching is bad, poaching has consequences. 

Nah man, just don't get caught. 

Some poachers get rolled, others get their alliances rolled. Yet others make an alliance from this. *cough cough* Soup Kitchen 😉

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tf is it blurry smh. but you can see right? This could be just human error. Boyce May have be mistaken by "Yeah" for his question. But, Reading it. "I didn't know how to respond to "Did they Message you" "Because I didn't know if "No They Didn't" was a good enough of a response. Still sus but eh

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31 minutes ago, Lord Vader said:

Hello Orbis,

We know how much you love drama, and we aim to please.

Yesterday at 11:56 AM server time, we initiated the first of three wars targeting the leader of The Infinite Empire. As included in the listed war reason, the impetus for these was active poaching. Not long after the initial declaration, Black Skies (the protector of The Infinite Empire) launched a series of counters on The Order. Before long, all three current Liberty bloc members were hitting Order members that were not included in the original conflict, and, in fact, were not fighting at all. A quick history for you:

1. Infinite Empire founding, Imperium-TEst merge:  The Order is a recent merger between The Imperium and Terminus Est. The former Imperium head of IA, MH_speedy,  (https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=206609) founded a breakaway faction known as The Infinite Empire. When he initially founded The Infinite Empire, he had our full support to the point of The Order, including an offer for protection. Naturally, like any decent protector, we set up a few rules:

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2. The First Poach: Just hours after I had explicitly asked MH_Speedy to not recruit from our ranks, he messaged Cheese Chan. The message says “Hey The Infinite Empire is merging with TEst to form The Order. I can get you into IA there. If you don’t want to join this new alliance then you can join me in my new alliance”. This is an attempt to poach Cheese Chan.  Our biggest concern was the blatant offer of a position in IA before even saying if he didn’t want to join The Order and clearing it with us.

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Along with Cheese Chan, it was likely that Froon would've been poached too, given their friendship.  MH even acknowledged this.

3. The apology: Naturally, we reached out to MH after the fact:

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During which,he shared logs of another poach:

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After attempting to poach at least 3 members, he apologized and even acknowledged he was poaching and that he would take it back if he could (and presumably by extension never do it again). We felt bad for him, so we forgave him, a few weeks later things even went back to normal:

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4. Additional Poaching
After repeated attempts to resolve this situation diplomatically, there was another attempt to poach.  This time it was from our applicants list where he says TIE reached out.  

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5. Our Response:  After exhausting all other avenues, we decided to declare on MH and only MH. Before long, however, we found counters from not only Black Skies, but also The Coal Mines and Schrute Farms. These alliances were countering a legitimate action, which was in response to aggressive and repeated poaching attempts of members. This was also explained to both TCM and Schrute Farms, in addition to Black Skies. They declined.


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6. Further escalation We then offered a de-escalation diplomatically to BS, but we rejected a nonsensical offer to pay reparations for their illegitimate counters.  Now, Schrute Farms and Black Skies have further escalated by hitting members who weren’t even part of the original conflict and have broken the NAP.

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Tl;DR For the reasons outlined above, we recognize that a state of hostilities exists between The Order, and The Liberty Bloc (Black Skies, Schrute Farms, The Coal Mines) as well as The Infinite Empire

Vader, Mac, Boyce


I told you @Prefonteenmy spoilers don't work

for !@#$ sake can we just not start GW17 until April 13th

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Just now, Mattzilla said:

for !@#$ sake can we just not start GW17 until April 13th

how is a micro bloc gonna start gw17

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Just now, Charles Bolivar said:

Wait what.

So if I am reading this right...a merger was pushed through without much consultation with your own members, and then you attacked your own former members when a few of them formed their own AA and discussed with their own friends about joining them in this new AA. At the same time considering these same members were given no choice in the matter or were barely informed of the merger at all?

Do you think you "own" the members of your alliance?  🤔



Dwight style

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Crunch was planning on going to swamp and Odin was going to straight up delete his nation and quit. By "poaching" They were staying in the game and in quack until you casted us aside. All of those who joined TIE did so of their own free will and in the case of Crunch, Odin, Obi-wan, and Dumpstercan they asked me to join. You do not own your members like property. I've one more screenshot I'll have to post in my next post but that has to do with I'm Alive who came much later.

Muffins 1.png

Odin 1.png

CRunch 1.png

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Rainbow RIE but smaller.gif

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2 minutes ago, Epi said:


The Government of Pantheon recognizes hostilities with Black Skies after their failed attempts to impede our commandeering of their vessels.


Can I be leader next? Pls

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