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  1. the enemy of my enemy is my friend? or i guess my enemy who doesn't like my enemy is my friend? huh thanks? i guess
  2. KT going to become the next arrgh ?????!?!?1/1111 guess you guys dont know what sarcasm is....
  3. i guess i'm surprised? idk how to feel about this one.
  4. It's just a way to rebuild, if alliances couldn't rebuild because of constant little wars GWs wouldn't be GWs.
  5. for !@#$ sake can we just not start GW17 until April 13th
  6. It was an honor serving under you. you've led our alliance through thick and thin and served every man as equals, fought for all of us and we fought for you. You served us through thick and thin. I wish you well on your journeys and health.
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