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  1. Welcome back, glad to hear you'll be merging with schrute farms πŸ‘
  2. Forget coca cola beverages, try these😘 downloadfile.bin
  3. If your hard up,I can send over beets for days broπŸ€™
  4. I'd love a patch on the fwaggle's flagπŸ˜‰
  5. Guten tag orbis, as a 37yr old male I have already found my one true love but in the last year I have found my bit on the side(p&w) and recently there has been uncertainty and heartache in unfathomable proportions. At schrute farms we aim to help this fractured community back together and ease the tension to those who are finding it hard to carry on. Schrute farms is a caring community for new and old players with a good sence of humour, So don't let the negativity get you down, pull up you socks,stick your chest out and carry on, for this is the time for growth and prosperity. We love you orbis world.
  6. Beet hampers have been sent to both sides,It's time for peace. Give beets a chance🌈😘
  7. Don't delete the money and resources, split them out between the top 70 alliances, I need oil😜
  8. Sounds like a new level of poaching to me 😜
  9. Thank you for voting for schrute farms, we are honoured to win best alliance theme. πŸ†
  10. Well said Mr Duke, ps Jim Halpert is the great Satan
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