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  1. Thank you for voting for schrute farms, we are honoured to win best alliance theme. 🏆
  2. Well said Mr Duke, ps Jim Halpert is the great Satan
  3. I don't think tmc were allined with fark at the time of the nap 🤔
  4. Schrute Farms held a secret vote last night on the topic of renaming ‘Fark Sphere’ to the new and much improved ‘Schrute Sphere’. Total Votes For: 1 (100%) Total Votes Against: 0 (0%) Total Votes: 1 We at Schrute Farms hope that all nations across Orbis will respect the outcome of this vote. Dwight K Schrute
  5. I started playing about a week ago and surprisingly won quite a few times, I was betting 500,000k a time. Then gets taken down😭
  6. I thought that alliance was almost dead
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