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New Default War Declaration Messages - Contest?


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4 hours ago, Sahina said:


But seriously, maybe you could do "Nice Infra bro" for Attrition wars.

"Nice Infra bro" for Attrition wars, and maybe "Nice money bro" for raids

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*squeaky voice* "have you had your inner health plus today?"

Pixels for the pixel god

Woah, nice infra

Hmm yes, the war here is made out of war

Like ya money g

Like ya infra g

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11 hours ago, Rin said:

What about just letting the players set their own list of default war reasons? Alliances and certain nation themes are gonna have their own standard battle cries.was 

Was gonna say this^, would much rather have a dusty themed list of defaults then a community themed list.

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Da da da da dow, da da da dow dow.

Everybody's gotta die sometime, Red.

Uncle Lothar wants YOU!

Tis' only a flesh wound

I shot the sheriff, and the deputy, and your wee doggie, too!

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Veni Vidi Vici

You seem a decent fellow I h8 to kill u

Prepare for the fight scene

PM for more war

This is not the declaration ur looking 4

No No don't get up allow me

Friend request sent


This a war of peace


I meant to declare on the guy behind you


Tell me how do you want to die?


Operators are standing by


Hope you got insurance


Eliminates the toughest stains.


Carry a big stick...and that's it

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