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  1. So that means Oceania didnt exist until this point in time? Stratosphere Marine Corps, guess what! You didn't lose horribly to a much smaller alliance in the last GW!
  2. Ah, but you see, they've been training these last few months on how to wave the white flag extra hard.
  3. Alan, we all know how this'll end. You'll end up dogpiled worse than before, limp home, and then forget about it the next time a GW comes up
  4. Swamp, let's have peace... ...So we can all dogpile Black Skies together!
  5. I nominate Bradley of Name Withheld for the Technology award. During his time in SK, he helped outfit The Rohirrim with many useful sheets, programs and bots to assist in making our lives easier and our management more efficient. He created our flagship bot, Keeper of Rohan, which, whilst similar to Locutus, is in my opinion far superior, with it being faster, more effective and some of the functions actually working looks at Locutus' counter function.
  6. Again, why does no one tell me about these things?! since when did we sign t$?! first Amarr, now this? Honestly. Fat lot of good it is being a High Councillor... /s
  7. Would've been nice to have been informed lol... Would've been nice to have been told lol...
  8. Anyone know what happened to Oshun Credit Union? It just seemed to vanish into nothing, and I cant find anything about it. Was I just either really god damn high, or having one of the worst fever dreams ever?
  9. As King JaxTeller I and his riding party were setting up their camp for the night, they looked to the sky and the shining stars, and wondered of the worlds out there. Prince Aggeremid wondered of their vast militaries, High Councillor Arko of their interstellar alliances, High Councillor Commissar of their galactic economies, but only King JaxTeller wondered if they were but alone. Suddenly, a flash of blinding light emanated from the void, and a craft unlike any other materialised before the party. The Councillors drew their swords, yet the King remained still. A hiss like that of a serpent, and vapour like that of pipe-weed billowed forth. Two dark silhouettes stepped forward, ethereal and bathed in white light. The Councillors remained wary, yet the King stepped forward and drew his sword, only to place it on the ground before him. After a few long seconds, Prince Aggeremid stepped forth and did the same, followed by High Councillor Commissar, then High Councillor Benzy and soon all the party were knelt before the ethereal beings. Dulcet tones emanated from the slender being. “I am the Empress of the galactic Empire known as Amarr. This is my consort Vander lord. Earthologists believe that our origins begin here. We have been searching for millennia so that we may find out more about our Holy God. As those who reside in our holiest of places, we shall hold you in the highest regard.” With this she bid the party to rise, and presented to Prince Aggeremid a sword like no other, light in form and weight, and sharp as a razor's edge, and with it a promise that when the darkness comes, their armies shall stand beside The Rohirrim to fend it off. To High Councillor Gross, otherworldly goods and resources, and an agreement of free trade. But to King JaxTeller I, King of Rohan, Leader of the Rohirrim, Shield of the Light, they offered not only to him, but to the Rohirrim as a whole, the promise of friendship and loyalty, of cooperation and peace. Of an alliance. The Rohirrim and Amarr Empire sign an MDoAP Signed on behalf of The Rohirrim: JaxTeller, High King of The Rohirrim Aggeremid, Prince of Rohan and Marshal of The Rohirrim GrandCommissarWill, High Councillor of the Treasury Dark Mulligan, High Councillor of Recruitment Affairs Arko, High Councillor of Foreign Affairs Mr.Gross, Councillor of the Treasury and Trade Czar Signed on behalf of Amarr Empire: Vanderlord and Sweetstorm of the Kador Family Iwboy of the Kor-Azor Family Freegamersonline of the Tash-Murkon Family Shaners and Life & Souls of the Sarum Family JJ and MSPaint Artist of the Khanid Family Parrish, Jarrett, SR, Marshall and Mubers of the Ardishapur Family https://docs.google.com/document/d/1kil0XQyRLHf10aV6BomMgOrwq39YfLUQuCvgGBr3TYE/edit?usp=sharing
  10. Rest in peace. Condolences to all their friends, family and loved ones.
  11. I think it makes the most sense to have the resource bar above the drop down menu, as its not obscured by the menu when you open it.
  12. Good luck mate. Your ambitions are proper a little far fetched, but good luck.
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