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  1. https://images.app.goo.gl/jvE4et7ckXuBxs7J9
  2. Much based No VMers in my range have free slots
  3. We all saw what happened to swamp
  4. sayonara my faithful multis You served me well
  5. *squeaky voice* "have you had your inner health plus today?" Pixels for the pixel god Woah, nice infra Hmm yes, the war here is made out of war Like ya money g Like ya infra g
  6. Wait this alliance affairs? *deletes post about chicken mcnuggets*
  7. Oh thank you thamous I was worried i would have to read all that
  8. Same All i could see were big blackk squiggles
  9. Firwof wat r up to Wait nokia in pretty sure he tries to bully me and firwof, but fails
  10. FYI firwof the plan is to take their coal, not burn it
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