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  1. What were you doing (or trying to do): post a bulletin What happened (describe thoroughly please): the text extends across the box Link to page: https://politicsandwar.com/bulletin/id=15/fumo Any other relevant information: n/a Screenshot:
  2. 1. I was trying to copy a section of the alliance description to move it to another spot. 2. When copying a section with an image in it (using the fancy editor rather than BBCode), the editor breaks and nothing can be done. Cannot add new lines, edit, undo, etc.
  3. i'm already alliance representative for the vote among representatives
  4. sometimes i wish you never found the forums
  5. I'm going to just to mention something in reference in the original post and ignore the previous arguments since I'm too lazy to read over Corps's arguing since I find drama and pointless arguments annoying. I prefer to keep the game feeling somewhat casual and impersonal rather than heated and serious. Please take into account that none of the people in these logs are members of Weebunism other than Sloth. As for my personal beliefs, I personally believe that sensitive jokes and humor should only be made among friends and not in public places, such as our general chat. At the time of the incident, I was offline, however Sloth was on, so Sloth probably should have moderated it, however at the time it wasn't a big concern to those online as the conversation strayed from the sensitive topic soon afterwards. @Dionysus Regarding the rules channel, it came to our attention that people have likely not noticed that we have had rules in our #intro channel, so in order for visibility, we copied them into their own channel.
  6. i was naval'd by three people in the first part and my navy got bonked then i did fine after that round
  7. A source editor would help us fix or basically debug our descriptions or whatever if something isn't working as it should.
  8. I still wish for some form of source editor due to situations like this: where this: results in this:
  9. what does it mean by discord being enforced and how does it make it not mandatory?
  10. reminder that corpsman does not represent us
  11. Hey, if there's an application, could I ask to see where to find it? I'd like to fill one out. Thanks. ... Actually, I'll send a DM to you.
  12. Nokia could have made timestamps of important bits which would have been helpful.
  13. reminder that corpsman does not represent us
  14. There is a truth behind every story. The truth may be much more grim, or the truth may be that the story itself was a lie and fabricated, as are many things. The truth is that the real world has no place for knights in shining armor or helpless princesses. As Minesome's fairy tales gain renown and fame, Nokia's supposed villainy is immortalized. Minesome's slanderous stories has Nokia calling up lawyers to take action in court. And so, the lawyers have arrived. TL;DR : Weebunism declares war on GPC on behalf of TCM.
  15. Yeah, it does, but I wanted one that allows the new visual editor's BBCode to be able to be read from the source. Doesn't help that images inserted using BBCode can't be centered while images inserted using the visual editor can't be made into hyperlinks.
  16. Suggestion: Within the new visual editor, could a toggleable source editor menu be implemented to modify BBCode from the source? For example, on the wiki, there is a visual editor and an option to edit the source, albeit HTML rather than BBCode. Examples from another site's BBCode editors: Visual Editor: Source Editor Button: Source Editor:
  17. 1. Trying to make clickable images that redirect to our nations. 2. I'm unable to put hyperlinks on images made using the new editor, whether I use the links button/shortcut provided by the new editor or use BBCode to add them. 3. https://politicsandwar.com/alliance/id=5476
  18. Suggestion: Option to preview BBCode prior to saving/updating This is a feature in many other forums and sites using BBCode so I was wondering if it could be implemented. Thank you!
  19. 1. Trying to fix the alliance description using the new editor. 2. I'm unable to center images that I put using BBCode. 3. https://politicsandwar.com/alliance/id=5476
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