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  1. I've always wanted to do a forum post, feels so special. I, Mr Pasta, hereby declare this text to exist, should it not be visible At Ten minutes to Midnight, on the 25th of March, I was just about settling down to bed. For I live a peaceful life. You can imagine my shock when some mean-spirited gentlemen from the Knights Templar appear on my doorstep. A trifle rude. Good Sirs, I must congratulate you on your well co-ordinated blitz. However, there is a slight issue I would like to raise: Your frightful attacks commenced across the board, this is true. But when the first shot was fired, when the first war bassoon was played, when the first unlucky souls charged into the fray. Why was the Pasta Factory your first target? I do not mind being rolled, for as the great snail waddles through space and time, that is part of life. But singling me out as the first fallen, the opening of the gates to Oblivion, I am sad. The World Task Force understands that we are in a war. Despite starting on the back foot, we are excited, as this should be a good laugh. I hope you all have a fantastic day, may your toast land butter side up
  2. Could have let us know Mighty rude of you.
  3. "You have committed crimes against Skyrim and her people"
  4. WTF? Mentioned on the forums? 2020 is the gift that just keeps on giving
  5. Is this the forum? I sure hope so. The lands of WTF have, for many years, been irrigated with nothing but beer. Beer is wonderful, containing vitamins, nutrients, vegetables, iron, and other good stuff. Beer is so good, that it was named as such due to it being an anagram of the ancient Norwegian word 'rebe', which directly translates to 'splendid' Alas, I digress, for there are much more pressing matters. It has come to my attention that there are some delusional, deranged people out there in the big wide world who feel that beer is not the best liquid. Instead, they prefer soup. Soup is not a drink, as you cannot buy a glass of soup at a pub. Soup is not a food, as you do not chew it. Soup is nothing more than a sorry excuse for baby food, created by those who cannot afford teeth. WTF recognises some form hostility with whoever Soup Kitchen are
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