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  1. Is this the forum? I sure hope so. The lands of WTF have, for many years, been irrigated with nothing but beer. Beer is wonderful, containing vitamins, nutrients, vegetables, iron, and other good stuff. Beer is so good, that it was named as such due to it being an anagram of the ancient Norwegian word 'rebe', which directly translates to 'splendid' Alas, I digress, for there are much more pressing matters. It has come to my attention that there are some delusional, deranged people out there in the big wide world who feel that beer is not the best liquid. Instead, they prefer soup. Soup is not a drink, as you cannot buy a glass of soup at a pub. Soup is not a food, as you do not chew it. Soup is nothing more than a sorry excuse for baby food, created by those who cannot afford teeth. WTF recognises some form hostility with whoever Soup Kitchen are
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