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  1. In my opinion is that I agree on "Spies still kill to many spies", the enemy killed a large percentage of my Spies within 24 hours.
  2. What were you doing (or trying to do): Making my own treaty web. What happened (describe thoroughly please): The treaty between the The Ampersand and Unforgiven Legion were duplicated. And United Communes of UMU has a protectorate on a alliance that possibly doesn't exist. Link to page: https://politicsandwar.com/alliance/id=5722 https://politicsandwar.com/alliance/id=5658 https://politicsandwar.com/alliance/id=8214 Any other relevant information: Screenshot: (if available)
  3. When I was using the rewarded as, I noticed the note that I have to wait 3 minutes until I can see the as again but I actually waited 2 minutes.
  4. Hmmm, that would explain this suspicious espionage before I got voted in.
  5. I have an suggestion about the Embargo. The first suggestion is the country can set a length on how long the embargo can be. The second suggestion is that the country can automatically set an embargo for example. Nation A does an intelligent gathering on Nation B, Nation B will automatically set an 60 day embargo onNation A and a 30 day embargo on the Nation A's alliance if it was caught and identify, Nation A can also make it permanent. Additional things: 1. If Two alliance has the MDoAP, MDP, ODP, PIAT, and ODoAP, on eachother can place a limit on how long embargo can lasts and set how many of the alliance members they can permanently embargo on the other alliance, if both alliances agree on the limit. 2. The list of things that if the other nation do, the embargo can automatically start by the victim nation. Declaration of War, other kind of Espionage (if caught and identified), and bounty. 3. The embargo can also be extended manually and atomatically if the nation nuked the other nation.
  6. What were you doing (or trying to do): I was trying to sell iron. What happened (describe thoroughly please): It doesn't calculate total, when I press sell it says "You are about to post a trade offer selling 0 Gasoline at a Price per Unit of $0.00 for a total value of $0.00.". Link to page: https://politicsandwar.com/nation/trade/create/resource=gasoline# Any other relevant information: Screenshot:
  7. Geez, I understand why it has no effect.
  8. Hello, I have a suggestion on effects approval rating, I know it may significantly affect nation's that only focus on efficiency it may chance a way on how to play. What approval rating affects. Before I show you the revenue will be 100% in 75% approval rating so if the approval rating is on 37.5% then revenue is 50%. The same way will apply to crime, protest, riots, electricity production, and costs, civil building efficiency, and military. The rest will get unique consequences. Below 0% Not possible. 0% The nation shall go to beige for 2 weeks if the nation is on 0% or lower for to long, alliance that the nation was in can send medical, police, and military to help the nation revive. 37.5% The nation gets a notification that the nation is on 37.5% and it needs to do something and if it gets below 37.5% the electricity production will start decreasing. 75% Umm.... 100% Umm...... I've also like to suggest policies and current projects can also affect approval rating. They're two types of projects and policies that affect the approval rating, (Not good at naming things) lie and no lie policies or jobs. The lie is more effective but it has a chance of discovery. What happens when it was discovered? The approval rating will temporarily reduce and it gets worse if there's more lie policies or projects. The only policies that increased discovery is freedom of speech. The one with no lie will be less effective. You could say "What do you think is the solution for developed nation and it has low approval rating if it's implemented?", maybe civil will be free for a week, And land area possibly free depends on there city, it's probably the major question that give this downvotes. What's you're opinion? I forgot to mention that if Alex added nuclear meltdown then it could be more complicated.
  9. I deleted my nation and made a new nation with the same name, leader's name, name of the capital. After I made it, I've noticed that the links older than the new nation goes to the new nation, I don't really care about it but while I was doing objective getting extra cash, I've noticed that the baseball team "Lagundi" is not deleted. You can check the age of the team and the nation. Link to page: https://politicsandwar.com/obl/team/id=59516
  10. Hello, I'm a mobile user and after accidentally buying 1100 uranium I got an idea of a confirm button before buying. Why? On mobile using a mouse is very unlikely and since the buy and the bar that lets you change the amount you want to buy is close it's easy to accidentally press something else. So I think a confirmed button is a good idea.
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