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  1. New Pacific Order is no more! They has ceased to be! They expired and gone to meet it's maker! It's a stiff! Bereft of life, They rests in peace! If they haven't cheated they'll be pushing up the daisies! It's metabolic processes are now history! They're off the twig! They kicked the bucket, They're shuffled off it's mortal coil, run down the curtain and joined the defunct alliances invisible!! THIS IS AN EX-ALLIANCE!!
  2. I saw it and read it. Looks like the drama will be a Ex-parrot.
  3. And now, for something completely different! No swearing, roleplay a sketch from Monty Python RIP Terry Jones and Graham Chapman
  4. If they declare war on you, you'll be avenged my TCW brother.
  5. Received warning point: 

    " He's not the Messiah, he's a very naughty boy!"

    - Terry Jones

  6. I accepted my warning point and plea guilty, I was standing up for PM Sphinx and crew as acting lawyer.

    Is there a early guilty appeal?

  7. Thank God, I got a warning point for being a acting lawyer for TCW and I plea guilty for what I did. But Borg has defame Sphinx and TCW, I will always stand with PM Sphinx and TCW till the end. In my view, they (Borg, Agon etc) are jealous cause TCW has a training academy branch and a strong leader.
  8. #SphinxDidNothingWrong


  9. Objection Your Honour (Alex)! Borg has spread nothing but fake news like CNN against Trump, PM Sphinx and co has done nothing wrong. I stand with the Prime Minister of TCW & Against Borg and his Fake News!
  10. Borg is Fake News!
  11. Next Month..... NAP is gonna end soon


  12. Winter is coming......

  13. Ladies And Gentlemen, Please Stand for TCW's New Anthem:

    Commonwealth, Greatest Alliance in the world
    All Other Alliance are run by little girls
    Commonwealth, number one exporter of Uranium
    All other Alliance have inferior Uranium

    Commonwealth, home of Drunk Alex Jones' swimming pool
    It's length thirty meter, width six meter
    Filtration system a marvel to behold
    It remove 100% of solid communist waste

    Commonwealth, Commonwealth, you very nice place
    From plains of Canberra to northern fence of Sphinx's Little Pon
    Commonwealth friend of all except Black Knights
    They very nosey people, with bone in their brain

    Commonwealth, industry best in world
    We drink lot of coffee and Build Big Milita
    Commonwealth's economics highest in the world
    Except of course for The New Pacific Order

    Commonwealth, Commonwealth, you very nice place
    From plains of Canberra to northern fence of Sphinx Little Pon
    Come grasp mighty hands of our leader
    From junction of the mouth to the lips in your face!


    Here's the link to the song which is sang by me:



  14. Should PnW have another sport? 

    Baseball isn't my cup of tea.

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