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    Beer, Guns, UFC, John Wick & Christianity
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    Reg Penney
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    Australia 2045
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    The Dominion

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  1. You do know these little buggers can bite your face off?
  2. Best Business/News, Orbis Crowned News.
  3. I don't mind, everyone will be spending time with family & friends on Christmas. I don't mind a Christmas Ceasefire
  4. You said we're crying? All I see is fine strong men who are willing to fight to the bitter end.
  5. Transmission Incoming..... This is the Swamp, if any member hearing this Transmission we're under attack by Blackwater, Nexus & the Clockbloc please send troops to help us & get them off our Swamp! (Meanwhile, In Deep Space) A Dominion Member: Founder! Blackwater, Nexus & ClockBloc are attacking Swamp including our friends there! Agathor: Including TCW? Dominion Member: YES! (Sees Enemy Troops heading towards them until someone fires them) Enemy Troops: What the **? Agathor: Just in Time! (Reg Appears along with Troops & Old Friends causing Enemy Troops to fall back to Orbis) Reg: Looks like a good day to battle, how about we head to Orbis & help our Swamp Friends out Founder? Agathor: Good Idea, My Fellow Dominions this is act of war against our friends! It's time to head to Orbis & support our friends! The DOMINION WILL ENDURE, VICTORY IS LIFE!!!! (The Dominion cheers for their Founder as they lock & loaded for war as their ship set course to Orbis to join the fight) The Dominion joins the fight against Blackwater, Clockbloc & Nexus. This is a Declaration of War/ Recognising the Nexus, BW & Clock Bloc as Hostilities. Signed by Agathor The Founder Reg Penney, Minister of War Soup Cat, Internal Affairs Minister
  6. Reg Penney


    This guy has a lot of Multis https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=384105 Unique ID: https://politicsandwar.com/nation/unique/id=384105
  7. Farewell Benfro & Congrats to the New Leader!
  8. Rest In Peace TLE, Condolences From The Dominion as we play this song & Cry as Atlantis sinks back into the ocean 😭😭😭 https://youtu.be/pZk_YV7yqeA
  9. About Time Camelot Surrendered, it's the only option to save their alliance
  10. This is a DoE of your new alliance? Nice I saw the alliance ranking #115 so it's kinda DoE
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