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  1. Please don't make it on Alliance Affairs tho
  2. Should I start the countdown for this thread to be frozen or deleted or is it already running?
  3. Fiji God


    Can't see this lasting, since a lot of the game aren't a fan of pixel huggers.
  4. As a former BK member, it hurt my heart to get these leaks. It's a shame to see such a community leave. May you forever be stronk in the next game you find BK. Ayy Lmao.
  5. Gib credit where credit is due. (ONN and me)
  6. Time's like this I miss the downvote....
  7. Just so everyone understands The New California Republic was one of many alliances created by Sean Anthony and Citrus and I thought it would be funny to write that so it's a joke. Also the NCR sucks and the Enclave is way better .
  8. Can’t believe @CitrusK actually was involved with something successful.
  9. Stop trying to take @No neck caseys spot as most downvoted.
  10. Quit it with your facts and logic and etc. I see the point your making but still seems a little weird to do so 12 days later but I guess later is better than never?
  11. How can an alliance leave the war if they don’t actually exist?
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