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  1. can goon members ever grow up @Blutarch Mann can u let people be. all you goons do is ruin peoples days. if they want to trade bob honestly who cares. hed be doing us smaller alliances a favor
  2. worst alliance = Goons worst alliance = GPC dammit i didnt mean GPC i meant HTC
  3. Alliance Categories Best Micro Alliance - The Snow Knights Worst Micro Alliance - TCW (because their pretty bad at being a micro since their so big) Most likely to succeed (Alliance)- The Snow Knights Most Controversial Micro - GPC Most Honorable Micro - GPC Most wanted disbandment - GPC Worst FA (treaties) - GPC Best FA (Treaties) - The Snow Knights Fastest growing - The Snow Knights (3 members in one day) Best Flag - The Snow Knights Worst Flag - The Regiment Best Theme - The Snow Knights Worst Theme - The Regiment
  4. there already is a server like this ? https://discord.gg/KCZxqMx
  5. @Always Fear Jazz ur profile pic is giving me an aneurysm no offense
  6. A dumb goons member accusses of a police officer in my profile pic to be a nazi.
  7. @Alexi would curse this @^#%$#@& out but someone decided to make this site children friendly. So consider this Dumb#$$ lucky and perhaps the only reason this site is so child friendly is because we have so many damn goons up in here
  8. hahahha ur just mad about my previous comments obviously thats nazism. pffft. ur just dumb. And tho think of calling a police officer a nazi u are the most uneducated person in the world, not to mention talking about someone in my family that received a promotion. ur [email protected]^$ed up man. only goons members do dumb stuff like this XD
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