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  1. It might save everyone some time and effort if baseball was just removed. It's been getting nerfs for years now, and I see no reason why even if the proposed changes go through, why there won't be another thread discussing a new nerf in a few months. But if that doesn't tickle your fancy, listen to @leonissenbaum. He's smart and he probably knows what he's talking about.
  2. Just kill it already, and stop the slow meandering death of baseball.
  3. Breaks my heart to see you go Panda! Good luck in Life!
  4. @Tugger You still owe me me a Muppet movie marathon.
  5. Please don't make it on Alliance Affairs tho
  6. Should I start the countdown for this thread to be frozen or deleted or is it already running?
  7. Fiji God


    Can't see this lasting, since a lot of the game aren't a fan of pixel huggers.
  8. As a former BK member, it hurt my heart to get these leaks. It's a shame to see such a community leave. May you forever be stronk in the next game you find BK. Ayy Lmao.
  9. Gib credit where credit is due. (ONN and me)
  10. Time's like this I miss the downvote....
  11. Just so everyone understands The New California Republic was one of many alliances created by Sean Anthony and Citrus and I thought it would be funny to write that so it's a joke. Also the NCR sucks and the Enclave is way better .
  12. Can’t believe @CitrusK actually was involved with something successful.
  13. Stop trying to take @No neck caseys spot as most downvoted.
  14. Quit it with your facts and logic and etc. I see the point your making but still seems a little weird to do so 12 days later but I guess later is better than never?
  15. How can an alliance leave the war if they don’t actually exist?
  16. When are micro's gonna understand more treaties don't equal good treaties. God, it hurts to look at.
  17. Don't you love it when they announce the creation of their alliance 12 days after the alliance was created? Real top notch micro stuff going on here.
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