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  1. lol, sure jan ps we didnt like you either
  2. "the admin did what I asked but didn't punish the person I hate enough" Get over yourself sweetie
  3. also let me get this straight, you're claiming that he couldn't of possibly legitimately earned all that money since his nation was founded? do your alliances not pay you wages for your service????????? talk about indentured servitude SMH
  4. Unfortunately, we lost it again. Our accountants have been sacked once again.
  5. Uh, they are his personal resources now. I've stated this multiple times. The second they left the bank, they became his personal resources, because we gave them to him. We do not want them back. They will not be returned. If you return them, we will re-send them to @Do Not Fear Jazz, because they are not ours.
  6. Hello, as I have been cited in this thread, I have been authorized to post here by the allowed poster rules: The resources and money does not belong to the bank. You cut out that part of the statement, where I explicitly state that the resources and money belongs to jazz, and not the bank. "We don't want the money. Don't send it back, thanks. It's his money that we loaned to him. Not our bank's." This was my exact statement. In fact, it is more of a grant than a loan.
  7. Hi, I'm the owner of the alliance that @Do Not Fear Jazz received the loan from. You can verify this in-game. Therefore, I am allowed to post in this thread as per the ruling on allowed parties. We don't want the money. Don't send it back, thanks. It's his money that we loaned to him. Not our bank's. It is clear that @Bjorn Ironside is going to continue to stomp his feet and scream until he gets what he wants, and will continue to scream about how any amount that has touched a bank is a bank, no matter what percentage it is. If that is truly the hill you want to die on @Bjorn Ironside then I hope you never enter vacation mode again, as you have no way of vetting whether the resources you hold in your nation has touched an alliance bank. After all, you steal a percentage of an alliance's bank when you raid. Better not go into vacation mode, sweetie!
  8. ALL HAIL OCTAVIA please send help they have my family
  9. Hear my words, The Immortals, Rose, and The Syndicate. The Green Protection Agency and all its vasts debts no longer exist. Henceforth, this land will be called Octavia. Do not even try to collect funds owed! You know how when someone dies and all their debts go away, and no one has to pay them? Well, this is like that, except with alliances. All records of debt were destroyed in the scuffle, with the Treasury Building accidentally lit on fire. All hail Octavia!
  10. KrisWolfe was a coffee boy. He had no actual knowledge of our true economic holdings.
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