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  1. I've been playing this game for a year and I still don't understand your forum posts
  2. Good idea. Will definitely apply
  3. My religion I've created called Reeceianity. Its not as weird as it sounds. https://discord.gg/kmhcKrG
  4. Agreed. We need some way to replace beige before NAP ends. I hate the NAP but we need some way to make war fair and enjoyable
  5. We need Beige. We can never rebuild in the next global... We need some sort of protection!
  6. He, does in fact, represent Error 404
  7. 1. The Wei 10. Everyone Else
  8. They apologize for all the shitty things they did in the past
  9. Hey Shifty I run hunger games now and as far as I know The Wei doesn't care about gambling. Citrus used to run the hunger games but he quit. I'm executive and do everything Citrus did
  10. https://strawpoll.com/e5a5s96a
  11. I've spoken with Alex. The reason he didn't ban Elijah, or George is because he would be "treating the symptom, not the cause"
  12. George willingly started from scratch. He has a whole new nation.
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