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  1. No. There is a reason why you can only be in one continent at a time Could be cool but kinda pointless What, why? No. This game is politics and WAR you can't just pay money to not be declared on. We already got enough pixel huggers, we don't need more. Ehh could be useful but it's not really needed. People already have naps as RP and for other reasons. Can't say much on this. Would be a nice QoL but I think having unlimited polygons would probably effect the server in some wa that's why it's that way. Idk coding do this is just speculation. Nice QoL. But it only takes a minute to go in then change it yourself after creating onem. Nothing to say here since I oppose transcontinental nations. Could be funny for the first few days when big members aa try to write Smth funny on others trade bloc. but it'll probably get annoying quickly. No. This would completely ruin the balance of the game. Imagine people making projects which cost next to nothing and give you a 50% discount on cities. I think the commerce improvements and systems are good as the way they are. We don't need to change them if they work. Tell me you are below 16 cities without telling me you're below 16 cities. This is stupid broken. Same thing as the last one. Stupid broken. Tell me you know nothing about alliance wars without telling me you know nothing about alliance wars. This project would be a must buy and it would make soldiers too op and tanks kinda obsolete, since you only get 15% bonus for tanks but you more than triple soldiers. This could be a good idea if implemented right. Uhm, you know that actual people are trading resources right? This would make no sense! People who want to sell their resources would have to buy them without their control!
  2. Rpc already did a number to raw prices, we don't need to nerf them anymore.
  3. Inb4 c4s have 10k land per city because they raided alot
  4. Tell me you don't know about the game market without telling me you don't know about the game market. Or simple supply and demand for that matter. The prices are increasing because supply is decreased and demand is increased. Anyway, hope this isn't a troll post.
  5. This is just the trade market but far more complicated for no reason.
  6. It's really not that hard to log in once a day. I have been logging in every day for the past 300 days. (I swear o touch grass) In the current stats of the game logging in daily is a normal thing than doing something extra that should reward you,plus you already get a reward as the 500k log in bonus. We also have people who already do this, pirates. They make people log in every day because of they didn't they would get raided.
  7. It's been confirmed that it's going to be implemented. @Alexis just taking his time for reasons I do not know. (Also Alex plz drop it alr the war finished like a week ago)
  8. Tell me you are a c3 without telling me you are a c3 (yes I did steal this from SRD) Yeah, no. This one is way to OP and the plane one makes no difference.
  9. Are you saying pika lovers are a bad thing?
  10. Seeing how AEC,CCE, and ALA it'll prolly be 5% for both.
  11. Yeah I agree with this. Either im bald or you did a typo this one. So I can't understand it so I won't comment on it. I also agree with this and point 4. I don't think there is anything wrong with having multiple offers if you have the money, but I would still an option that you can turn on and off, so that, when you are in a undercut war with someone you don't have to keep deleting your offers whenever you undercut. Since, I don't wanna oversell or overbuy anything. Knowing Alex it'll never happen but always worth a shot.
  12. Yes. Just yes. It'll make my life so much easier not having to delete offers after putting up a new one. I don't really see many downsides to this aswell.
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